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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Wee Man's Index Cards for Days 31 and 32 and Summer of Colour Week 5

Hi Everyone, Wee Man here

Today I would like to show you my and granny's Icads for day 31 and 32
First of all here is 31
I used lots of punches and some washi tape.
Granny's 31 for Trivia
is a nonsense one she said.
My day 32 
is Bingo Pen Patterns. I like the bright colours.
Granny's Day 32 for Weather
which is on week five and Kristin said the colours for this week are Red Red and Metallic
Granny used Scarlet Neocolor 2, Red Wink of Stella and Silver Wink of Stella.

Well that's all for now. Until next time, thanks for popping by to say Hi.
Hugs, Wee Man :D
And granny too of course {{Hugs}} :o)) Mo x


  1. Lovely ICADS, you two have been busy again. Like that nonsense card! Lovely idea for SOC, too. Hugs, Valerie
    34° here today and heating up!

  2. You both created amazing pieces this week! I love what you and your granny made using this week's SOC colors!

  3. Lots of great work you have going there. Nice job.:)

  4. you both are having a great time creating together-love it!

  5. It is always lovely to pop by and say hi wee man! I love your colourful ICADS and like you, I love bright colours. Hope your arm is feeling much better now.

    Mo, your first one is such fun - I think I even managed to answer all the questions - lol. Love the poem in the second one too! Great work both of you! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. I'm not sure what the project is that you are doing with your wee boy but it does look like you are providing him with lots of fun whilst learning! With love xx

  7. The Bingo pen patterns are my favs here.
    Glad to see you are both still having fun with Icads.
    Did you manage to see the sun for a few days?
    We did!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lovely ICADS. My favourite one is the first one. Looks like you and Granny are having lots of fun.

  9. nice index cards and great work for SOC!

  10. Your ICADs are so wonderful and the SOC is perfect.

  11. More colourful index cards.....the weather/whether (!) one made me smile :)

    Karen x


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