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Friday, July 17, 2015

By Wee Man - Quick and to the Point

Hi Everyone Wee Man here

Me and granny are very excited because we are going to London tonight on the Caledonian sleeper train but we wanted to share our index cards with you first.
Here is my Day 45
Stamped with a multi colour ink pad. Granny helped me a bit with this one.
Granny's Day 45
My Day 46
Sorry I'm not in service.
Granny's Day 46
My Day 47
Packing my suitcase
and here is Granny's Day 47
It's Time to Travel.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Index Cards. 
Our taxi will be here 1 hour and 20 minutes at 6:55pm. 
We are still doing the ICAD challenge on our holiday.but we are only away until Wednesday.

Until next time, thanks for popping by to say Bye! :D
Hugs, Wee Man
and granny too of course


  1. Lovely work from you and Granny. Have a great trip and make sure you take lots of photos of those London buses.

  2. Have a wonderful time wee man! Mr. Darcy sends his best...

  3. Lovely cards, as always. Have fun in London, wish I could be there too, I miss my home town. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Ohhh, you are gonna have such a fun time in London, Wee Man! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you return!

  5. You will be in London by now with lots of buses to check out and a few surprises on Sunday wee man for your birthday I hope.
    Have a lovely time xxx

  6. You will definitely be in London now! We are off down south too, I hope you both have the best time EVER in London!! Love all your makes today by the way! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Looks like you are already in London dear Wee Man and Mo. How I envy you and your bus tour that will take you all over town while you're enjoying high tea.

    Of course, I came to see your ICADs, and they are all quite clever. I like how you pack, Wee Man. Looks like you were neat at it.

    And Mo, Day 47 is probably my favorite so far. I love it.

    Hope you two are having a great time in London and enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents of the "big city."

  8. Well you'll be there by the time you read this Wee Man... how exciting. I hope your journey was a smooth one and you managed to sleep at least a little with all the excitement.
    I'm glad you posted your cards before you left because they are brilliant and I'd have hated to have missed them.
    Off you go... have fun and we'll wait to hear all about it as soon as you can spare a few moments.
    xoxo (Muffy too x)

  9. Have a safe and wonderful trip! love the cards! <3

  10. These are great. I especially like the bus not in service because we like to see all the different ways the bus tells us it's not in service. We once saw one that just said "Sorry folks".
    I like the packed suitcase and Granny's Day 54 too (as well as all the rest, of course).

  11. Hello Wee Man, I have really enjoyed looking at the cards that you and Granny have been making for ICAD 2015. I love your 'Sorry not in service' bus and Granny's Day 47 shown in this blog post.

    I have a little dog called Miss Marple (we call her Missy) and she has enjoyed looking at all of your ICADs too!

  12. How lovely it is to share yours and Wee Man's cards during ICAD 2015 Mo! Just wonderful to see the creative happening in him as he journeys with you. Denyse

  13. Hi :)

    Loved all your index cards.... especially 'Bye Bye' .... it's so sweet

    Karen x


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