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Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Craft Barn and Index Cards

Hello Everyone

I hope I find you well, and managing to stay warm or cool, wherever you maybe. We have been enjoying some seasonal weather and with much needed rain, mainly at night time, making sleep a little more comfortable. 

Today we have more index cards to share with you, but first of all I would like to share my July page for The Craft Barn's Calendar Challenge.

The two words we have to use in on our page this month are
Turquoise and Beach Huts

Because I want to use my Gelatos on all my pages, I wondered what I would do about the colour, so I looked up how to create the colour turquoise, and after mixing Butter cream & Cotton Candy, I was very happy with the resultant colour.  
I drew my bunting and beach hut with pencil then went over it with a silver pen. When that was dry I coloured everything with my turquoise mix. I then added the words, washi tape, the month and days of the week. Et voila!
If you would like to see what others created for this month, then simply click on the Calendar Challenge link above and you will be whisked away to lots more beaches.


Now here we have days 33 and 34 of my and Wee Man's index cards.
Day 33 from Wee Man
was created with a large XCut butterfly punch, some Wink of Stella to colour their wings and some small stamps in the background.
My Day 33
'I Love Lucy' drawn with Pitt pens and coloured with pencil crayons.
Day 34 from Wee Man
is Happy Teddy Bears, punched from a paint chip strip.
Day 34 from me
was created with used postage stamps and Wishing a safe and Happy Independence Day to all my friends who celebrate it.

Until next time
Take care, be happy.
{{Hugs}} Mo :o) x
And Wee Man of course :D


  1. Love all your cards, they are great, and the calendar is super. My faves today are the butterflies and the one with stamps! Hugs, Valerie

  2. What wonderful ICADS.
    Thanks for the holiday wishes....that's really a cool ICAD!

    Thanks for visiting the GDs SOC pages and leaving them a comment.....they are so thrilled.

  3. Love the beach hut and you've got a great colour for the beach hut.

  4. Like Valerie, I just love the butterflies and the teddy bears are just so cute but as I love all things to do with the sea, the beach hut has stolen my heart! You and wee man have done a splendid job on these ICADs! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. So many adorable things to see. You've been busy, my friend!Love your art!

  6. Oh I love all of these but I really like the one with the butterflies and the stamp one! *thumbs up* :-)

  7. They're all fabulous! Cool tech. on getting the desired color.

  8. Great page, love your beach hut! xx

  9. Wow, I'm missing words. Not only the calendar page is wonderful, also the cards are gorgeous, cannot decide which I like best.

  10. I love your calendar, it's totally not what you expect for a beach page, love the contrast between the black and turquoise and well done on you for mixing that color. And the Icads are sweet, great to do projects together with your little man :-)

  11. Great beach hut calendar page, very unusual colours, but it all works! Fun cards too.

  12. Great calendar page, the turquoise really pops out x

  13. I'm impressed at how opaque the Gelatos are against the black, I haven't tried that yet! I am also impressed at your hand drawn beach hut! Lovely page and the Icads are good too!

  14. I love your calendar page.
    xxx Hazel.

  15. Love all your art and your beach hut looks fab. Very summery with the bunting too!!

  16. Fabulous page for your calendar, thank you for taking part in The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  17. Fabulous beach hut, so beautifully drawn and I love the weathered feel you have achieved colouring it.

  18. Love these :)

    The stamps look so good all together like that.

    'Lucy' bought back fond memories :)

    Karen x


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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