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trivial, feeble, silly, or tedious talk or writing.
verb (used without object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
2. to talk in a trivial, feeble, silly, or tedious manner; prate.
verb (used with object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
3. to utter as twaddle.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

T Stands for -

Tea with Wee Man

Wee Man got a Jelly Fun Slush Maker at Christmas and we have enjoyed making different ones each day, like strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant. Well today's one was apple jelly (jello) topped with raspberry gummies, (jello sweets). 

It's good, quick fun, for a wee boy with little patience. And it's also a good job that sharing with my Tea Buddies is only virtual, as he doesn't like to share very much; but how many kiddos do like to share their Christmas goodies ;) (grin) 

Here, I have other Tea pictures to share with you; there are six pages and they are from a 1967 Betty Crocker cookbook. I was kindly gifted these by a Facebook friend, Jenny, that Wee Man and I 'met' during ICAD this past year. My new Profile picture is courtesy of Jenny too, on a magazine she sent, because of the image. Thank you Jenny ((hugs)) x

Aren't they fabulous?! I love all the little details, hints & tips, made to make ones tea party, and that of ones guests, most enjoyable. How civilised.

Thank you so much for your visit; I love it when you come by. I hope you will join us at Elizabeth & Bleubeard's for some tea, or the beverage of your choice. I do hope I won't be calling on anybody late at night, but if I do, I promise to tip-toe quietly.

Until next time..........
.............thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' ((hugs)) :o)

Friday, December 26, 2014

By Wee Man

My Christmas Day

Hi everyone :-D  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day. I sure did. I got lots of lovely presents, but my favourite one is my new bike.

I can go very fast on my new bike. It is white and blue and it has new lights and two bells. 

I also got an Eddie Stobart bus, car transporter and removal lorry. I had a good idea to put them together. The removal lorry is pulling the transporter with the bus on top. 

My other favourite present is this remote controlled bus and it can go very fast. When the bus goes forward the front lights go on and when the bus goes backwards the back lights go on. 

My new puppies, Big Toby and Jasper the Dalmatian met the other Tobys' and they all had fun together. 

I took Big Toby to see Margaret next door and I took a present for her as well. Margaret is an old lady on her own. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well.

Love & Kisses
Wee Man :-D

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

By Wee Man

It's Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone, Wee Man here. 1 sleep to go! I am SO excited! Are you? I hope Santa remembers to bring me my new bike.

Me and Granny put some icing on the Christmas cake and some decorations.

Today we made some mince pies. The top is a Santa. I had one for my lunch after they had cooled down. They taste delicious. I will leave one out for Santa and some special reindeer food and some carrots.

I hope you have some tasty food as well. I am having lots of Christmas snacks like Pringles, chocolate strawberries and cheese sticks. 

I will go to bed very early tonight.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas.
Love and kisses
Wee Man :-D

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

T Stands for...........

Tag Tuesday & Tea with Elizabeth & The Tea Gang

I honestly wasn't sure if I would get time to enter these two challenges this week, so I am very happy that I did. If you would like to join us for a drink related blog-hop then pop along here to see what it's all about. My Tea on Tuesday photograph shows my second Christmas mug, filled with Pomegranate & Raspberry Tea, and a light snack that I enjoyed mid-morning. 

Wee Man and I are going to be making our own mince pies tomorrow, so I hope to share his blog-post showing them and our Christmas cake afterwards.

The theme over at Tag Tuesday this week is A Very Vintage Christmas. I used some vintage style papers to create my entry and the Warm Greetings stamp is from the Winter Wonderland set by Rubber Dance Stamps

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my visitors for your loving kindness and supportive words since I started this blog in April, and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year that is filled with Love, Laughter, Happiness, Good Health and lots of time to do what makes you smile. 

So until next time, have a fabulous festive time whatever you are doing................
................and thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' ((hugs)) Mo :o) x

Friday, December 19, 2014

By Wee Man

It's Nearly Christmas!

Hi everybody, Wee Man here. Sorry I haven't been around much but I have been very poorly. Granny said she told you. Thank you for the messages. I am better now.

My friend Sue Waters sent me a magic snowman. It was about 3cm tall and when I put it in water it grew to about 7cm tall. It was funny and squidgy. Here is a picture of it.

Thank you Sue :D

Last Sunday we put up our Christmas decorations. I decorated the tree all by myself, but granny did the lights. 

Me and granny decorated my bedroom as well

And here you can see Frosty Wosty, Sandy Wandy and Winnie The Pooh are ready for Christmas as well.

My favourite decoration is the ones I made at school.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration?

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. 

Bye for now! :D

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Q&L Challenge number 25

Wow, I can't believe we are at the end of The Craft Barn's Quotes & Lyrics challenge! The year seems to have gone by ever so fast don't you think?! I am very happy that I managed to complete every challenge, albeit by the skin of my teeth occasionally, but I did it! *Grin*

Many thanks to everyone at The Craft Barn for hosting this interesting challenge and to all those who visited me and left such lovely comments for me, they were all very much appreciated. Thank you! ((Group Hugs))  

So, back to this week, and the final words we have, are Harmony and/or Faith and as with every other week, we are to use a Quote and/or a Lyric in our work. 

The theme over at Tag Tuesday is Christmas Angels and as time is at a premium for all of us at this time of year, I figured I could use my quote on a tag and double up with both of my challenges.

I painted a Christmas tree using green acrylic paints, edged the tag with red and created a star with silver Wink of Stella. I drew the angel, coloured her with pencils and fussy cut her out. I wrote the quote by Doug Floyd,  You don't get Harmony when everybody sings the same note, onto some white card, cut it out and edged it with green. 

I am looking forward to finding out what The Craft Barn's new challenge will be, in January. I hope you will join in too. 

Until next time.................
.................thanks for stopping by to say 'Hi' ((hugs)) :o) Mo x

T Stands for...........

.............Hot chocolate on a cold and frosty day.

I can't believe it's 'only' been three weeks since I was last online for more than a few minutes; it feels like sooo much longer.

Also, it's a little bizarre to me that my last post was also a 'Tea post', when I joined Elizabeth and others, here, for a cup of whatever takes your fancy.  This time I have got one of my Christmas mugs out for a cup of something tasty and warming.

And the other side of the cup after I had drunk the delicious nectar. 

My lovely china mug is resting gently on the keyboard for photographic purposes only. Well; maybe just a little to show off my new laptop too, hehe, :D  Santa was very very kind and visited early. I think he felt sorry for me when my Sony laptop completely crashed and left me adrift without communication to my blogland buddies. My new toy, aka, Twinkles Enabler', also has a larger screen. Wee Man says it's as good as watching tv, lol. Bless. 

Speaking of Wee Man, to those of you who left comments and emails asking after him, I would like to thank you and apologise for not responding; now you know why. Wee Man has been poorly for the best part of a month with various chest infections, fevers, chills, ear, nose & throat problems, sore tummy and headaches. What a poor little bunny he has been. But I am delighted to say, that he now seems to be on the mend and has every intention of doing a blog post soon. He has a very cute photo of some of his friends to share with you and wants to tell you a little about our Christmas decorations too, but I shall say no more just now.

In the meantime, if you would like to join Elizabeth & I for a drink, then please feel free to join us on Elizabeth's blog

Until next time...............
....................thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' ((hugs)) Mo x.

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