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verb (used with object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
3. to utter as twaddle.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

By Wee Man

Hi Everyone Wee Man Here - Part 2

I am going to show you some more pictures from my trip to London with granny.
The gateway into the British Library
A tree sculpture
This book case is 6 storeys high
A book bench. The ball is very heavy!
We had lunch in Ed's Diner. Granny thought this sign was funny.
We went into King's Cross station and saw this
found this shop.
and bought these.
Granny was very excited. She has her own wand as well.

We went to the London Transport Museum
My favourite thing was the simulators
A taxi
A bus
An underground train
This is a model of the underground being made
The Metropolitan was the first underground line in London
The lost property office gets 150,000 items every year.

We went to Madame Tussauds waxwork museum
Granny was very happy to see this man she said is called Picasso
and I took a photo of her with John Wayne
I hope you liked seeing more of the pictures from our holiday

Bye for Now

Hugs, Wee Man :D

and granny of course :D x

Monday, July 27, 2015

By Wee Man

Hi Everyone, Wee Man here - Part 1

I am going to tell you a bit about the holiday me and granny went on to London for my birthday. We had a fantastic time and I think it was the best holiday ever. I can't wait to go back again another day. Gran said maybe next year.
We went on the Caledonian sleeper train from Inverness to London Euston and had breakfast on the train when we got there.
When we got to Euston we went to the hotel and left our bags before we went to Hamley's. I bought a model of the new London hybrid buses.
Granny blew up balloons and decorated our bedroom while I was asleep.
I didn't hear a thing!
The cool blue bunting was made for me by our friend Sue Waters in America.
The train card was sent from Pam Robinson in America. She made it just for me.
I was very lucky and got lots of gifts and cards from my friends and when we were having our breakfast the workers brought me a birthday breakfast and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. I was a bit scared at first but it was very nice.
Afterwards we went to the London Aquarium. My favourite was the sharks
Granny's favourite was the Sea Horses but I think they are boring.
Did you know there is such a thing as Cowfish!?
In the afternoon we went on the Tea Bus There was lots of nice things to eat.
The ladies brought me a big cupcake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and I blew out the candles.
We went past this office building and the lady on the bus said it costs £30million to get an office there! I think that's just crazy!

I am sharing this with Elizabeth for T on Tuesday.
I will tell you more about our holiday another day. Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for popping by to say Hi :D

Bye for now! Hugs, Wee Man.

Friday, July 17, 2015

By Wee Man - Quick and to the Point

Hi Everyone Wee Man here

Me and granny are very excited because we are going to London tonight on the Caledonian sleeper train but we wanted to share our index cards with you first.
Here is my Day 45
Stamped with a multi colour ink pad. Granny helped me a bit with this one.
Granny's Day 45
My Day 46
Sorry I'm not in service.
Granny's Day 46
My Day 47
Packing my suitcase
and here is Granny's Day 47
It's Time to Travel.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Index Cards. 
Our taxi will be here 1 hour and 20 minutes at 6:55pm. 
We are still doing the ICAD challenge on our holiday.but we are only away until Wednesday.

Until next time, thanks for popping by to say Bye! :D
Hugs, Wee Man
and granny too of course

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's a BIG one!

It's Nearly Holiday Time 

and LOTS More

I hope you are well and having a good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you may be.
Wee Man and I are off to London on Friday evening (7pm GMT), until next Wednesday, to celebrate his 8th Birthday in style. Check this! Doesn't it look wonderful?! 
Apart from doing that, we have several other activities planned too, which we shall share another day. We are getting very excited now :D

Meanwhile here are our most recent Index Cards, starting with,
Wee Man's Day 43
we used embossing folders in the Bigshot and he used paint dabbers for the colouring. Wee Man is getting very good at gently swiping across the embossed areas. 
My Day 43 is for the prompt Definition
I used metallic pencils.
Wee Man's Day 44
is an embossed alphabet. This time he used two shades of blue to colour it.
My Day 44
is simple doodle flowers on a decorated background.
I am also entering this into the final week of Summer Of Colour where the colours are Orange Orange Blue. I used an Orange Souffle pen, Orange Acrylic paint and blue acrylic paint that has a slight pearlessence about it. Many thanks to Kristin for hosting this challenge once again and for her unstinting support and encouragement to everyone taking part. {{Hugs}}

Here is my tag for the theme of Splashes, Drips & Dribbles on the Tag Tuesday blog.
I used ink pads, inks and bingo dabbers.
I think the quote is very true :D

And last, but most definitely not least I would like to wish a Happy T Day to all my friends over at the Altered Book Lover, because T stands for T on Tuesday! :D
Wee Man and I went out shopping and stopped halfway for a treat.
Then further round the supermarket I saw this,
which goes with the coffee one I shared a few months ago :D
And then I bought these. *Drool*
I love cherries. I think cherries are probably my most favourite fruit, closely followed by Wee Man's favourite, Strawberries.
These are half of today's pickings from our garden. It's been another smashing year for our strawberry crop. 
Do you have a favourite fruit?

Thank you so much for your patience if you reached this far, we have enjoyed your visit very much.
Now until next time, be well and be happy.
{{Hugs}} :o) Mo x
And Wee Man of course

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