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Art Therapy is Heart Therapy ~ TwinkleToes2day (aka mo)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Penultimate SoC piece and more Index Cards

Hello Everyone......

.....I hope I find you well and having a good day or evening where ever you may be.

Starting today with Day 39 of the Index Card a Day challenge from Wee Man.
He created this to end his posts on this blog with a smiley other than his usual :D
I love it!
My Day 39
for the prompt Monopoly
Wee Man's Day 40
horse shoe brads of Good Luck.

It's hard to believe there is only one more week of the Summer Of Colour challenge left to go. It has been such a wonderful project that I have enjoyed without one iota of stress about what to create and what to use. Thank you to Kristin of, Twinkle Twinkle, Like a Star, for the inspiration and for all the work that goes into creating and maintaining a challenge as huge as this one.
But without further ado, (or twaddle), here is my Summer of Colour offering for week 5, and also for Day 40 of the Index Card A Day challenge, which is also mahooosive in respect of the number of participants and maintenance required, and provided by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow.
The colours given to us this week by Kristin are, Green Green Pink
I used acrylic paint and two gel pens.
This was actually inspired by Halle of Halle's Hobbies when I saw her piece on Facebook a few days ago. Thanks for the inspiration Halle :D

And thank You for visiting and I look forward to your visit next time.
Until then, take care, be Happy and enjoy the weekend ahead.

{{Hugs}} Mo :o)) x


  1. Oh my, you two have been very busy and productive, love all your ICADs and of course especially the SOC one. Love Wee Man's great smiley face too! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Mo! Wee Man has been very busy this week! I absolutely love all of his work! Especially the blue-faced guy! And the ICAD you made using this week's SOC colors is very beautiful!

  3. So glad that Wee Man is having so much fun with these ICADs, as are you, Mo. Your Monopoly is very creative, and of course, I adore your SOC entry. I'm sure Halle will feel honored.

    Of course, I have to wish Wee Man good luck, because I'm sure he has spread enough around for Day 40's IC. It is wonderful, Wee Man and I'm feeling pretty lucky right now, too..

  4. Well I can see this came right from the "heart".....what a lovely string of hearts. Your use of the colors are very easy on the eye. Very nice.

  5. The smiley face is too cute! Really love the pink and green card! Have a great weekend my friend! xoxo

  6. Just saw your question on my blog. Sorry! I hadn't refreshed before I visited you. Weather stripping is like foam dots, but in a long strip. You get it at the hardware store and it's much cheaper than those squares that have peel-off adhesive on both sides with foam in between that they sell in craft stores. The purpose of both the foam dot and the weather stripping (when used to make art) is to elevate the item to give it dimension. Thanks for asking.

  7. Love the blue smiling face waving bye bye Wee Man!! Nice monopoly card and good luck card too. Lovely pattern on the SOC card Mo!!

  8. Love the smiley man! And what fab tones of green and pink you've used for this week's SOC. So pretty.

  9. I'd have been inspired by Halle's too if I hadn't already done mine, great piece, and I knew exactly where to find you this week - LOL, BJ

  10. What a cheery smiley face wee man has done - it certainly made me smile! I love your pink hearts too, the whole piece is very pretty indeed. Hugs, Anne xx

  11. Nice ICAD's and I love the SOC one :) Wondering what our finale week will be :)

  12. I love the monopoly one! I once made myself a bag out of fabric that wa sprinted like a monopoly board! :-)

  13. ahh, I do love that smiley blue face!

    Karen x


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