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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

By Wee Man

Hi Everyone Wee Man Here - Part 2

I am going to show you some more pictures from my trip to London with granny.
The gateway into the British Library
A tree sculpture
This book case is 6 storeys high
A book bench. The ball is very heavy!
We had lunch in Ed's Diner. Granny thought this sign was funny.
We went into King's Cross station and saw this
found this shop.
and bought these.
Granny was very excited. She has her own wand as well.

We went to the London Transport Museum
My favourite thing was the simulators
A taxi
A bus
An underground train
This is a model of the underground being made
The Metropolitan was the first underground line in London
The lost property office gets 150,000 items every year.

We went to Madame Tussauds waxwork museum
Granny was very happy to see this man she said is called Picasso
and I took a photo of her with John Wayne
I hope you liked seeing more of the pictures from our holiday

Bye for Now

Hugs, Wee Man :D

and granny of course :D x


  1. Looks like you had a great trip, and how nice to go to those museums and take lovely photos, you both look very happy! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Such wonderful pictures. I love the one of the book bench. You can see you had a fun time.

  3. I can't believe Granny let you take a picture of her!!! I guess she must think John Wayne is pretty special! ;) She and John have that in common. If there is a John Wayne movie on TV, John can almost smell it! ;)
    Thank you for allowing us to travel along with you on your holiday. I have enjoyed seeing the sights of London through your eyes.

  4. The British Library looks really good. I wonder how many books there are.
    John Wayne was a very tall man wasn't he. Granny looks tiny next to him.
    I bet you really enjoyed playing on the simulator it looked good fun
    Love from Lynn xxx

  5. I really enjoyed seeing the photos of your holiday. Golly, you certainly packed a lot into your trip! I love the British Library and also the photo of Granny with John Wayne! I wonder what Granny is going to do with her wand..... hmm.

    I am lucky to be going to London this weekend but I won't get to see as many amazing things as you did! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. What wonderful photos of your birthday bash, wee man. I have seen pictures of the British Library. I read somewhere it was the premiere library in Great Britain. I was impressed with the photo and the entrance. Of course, that book bench was really cool, too.

    Granny looks beautiful. What a WONDERFUL photo of her.

    So glad the two of you had a good time in London. Those simulators are fun, aren't they? We had three at the school where I got my final degree, but ours were all aircraft, with two being small airplanes and one being larger, similar to a commercial craft. So glad you got to experience these. I know they can be lots of fun.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us mere mortals (grin)!!!

  7. Oh wow! What a wonderful trip! I bet you had a blast on the simulators! Loved everything about the library. The 9 & 3/4's platform...LOVE it!!! So wonderful to see you Mo and with the Duke! : )) xoxo Thanks for sharing. : ))

  8. Oh my goodness Wee Man... what a fabulous trip! So many great photos and you'll never guess... no you won't so I'd better tell you... whilst I was looking at your Hogwart's and station photo's the theme tune to Harry Potter came on the radio. How magic was that?
    I think Granny will have lots of fun with her new wand don't you? You took a great photo of her by the way. Like a professional photographer.
    I loved that book bench too. I like to read so would love that bench in my garden... but it does look heavy!
    Thank you for letting me share you fantastic holiday photos.
    Have a fun weekend looking back at all your memories.
    Hugs from me and big licks from Mufftypup xx

  9. London is inspiring, isn't it? Love your photos.

  10. this is so fun...Platform 9 3/4!! and chocolate frogs! my grandson is reading the Harry Potter books, and I need to look for some chocolate frogs! and...getting to meet Picasso and John exciting adventure! love your post ;)

  11. Thanks Wee Man for the picture of Granny, it's good to see our blogging friends in Real Life.
    What a great trip round London. I especially like the bits about Transport and the Library.

  12. Oh what fun.... that sounds like a very special trip and such a long way to travel to get there too.

    That is a really BIG bookcase!!!

    Karen x


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