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verb (used without object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
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verb (used with object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
3. to utter as twaddle.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Craft Barn

Calendar Challenge

I didn't intend to start a new challenge this early into the new year, but when I got an email telling me about this new challenge, and having been given a blank calendar some time last year, I just couldn't ignore the nudging of my reacquired  mojo/muse now could I? *grin*

The Calendar Challenge is a monthly challenge posted on the first Sunday of the month with two weeks to post entry. It is late this month, but The Craft Barn peeps say that from February it will be on time. 

The pages of my calendar came in black with white speckles. I didn't have a clear idea at all of what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to use my gelatos, (which I happened to purchase with a gift voucher courtesy of The Craft Barn during their Quotes & Lyrics challenge last year). 

I roughly applied two of my gelatos, sprayed them with water, tried to get them to run a little, smooshed them around a wee bit with my finger and used a baby wipe to remove some of the colour through a star stencil.  I dried it off with my heat tool then I used the baby wipe and an alphabet stencil to add 'January' to the page by removing some more of the colour but it just wasn't very clear at all. Using the stencil again I went over it with a silver pen and noticed how wonky my original stencilling had been. 
Don't say Oops, say interesting. Oh well *hehe* 

I stamped in white Versacolor, Our tomorrow's start with the dreams of today, which you can see a little clearer in the close up below. 

I decided that this calendar is for 2016; the silver dates are already added but without days. so I added abbreviated days over the numbers and added some washi tape over which I added some extra text, also in white ink.
I wanted to add some white speckles on top, so using my finger I flicked white Wink of Stella over the page and I also flicked some silver Wink of Stella for a little shimmer, (not that you can see it here). 

Et voila. My January page. I shall hunt down the Linky thing on the blog and look forward to posting February's page soon,

Take care and thanks for coming by; any comments you leave are most welcome and much appreciated ((hugs)) Mo :o) x

Edited to add: Ok. I've just stumbled across the correct page on Craft Barn's blog, with the Linky thingy, instructions etc, and it seems there are specific items to be used and for January; there should be Aqua and Snowflakes used on ones page. I guess I could fudge the Aqua bit, but there are no snowflakes on my page, so I reckon I shall be discounted for any prizes etc. Oh well, I shall link up anyway and try to visit as many people as I can.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anti Journal

I have completed another two pages in my journal. 
Page 005 is covered in the word, Achieve, written many times in several different styles and colours. There was no prompt for this page; it is just one of the blank pages at the front of the book that I intend decorating in one way or another, but I decided to number it anyway.

The second page, (007), I did using the prompt: 
Open an unwanted book at random and cut the first word from each line - Rearrange them

I added some Dylusions sprays to colour the page before I did any cutting. I think it looks quite pretty.
It took me hours to try and make some sense from the words I cut out, but it was actually fairly relaxing, whilst again watching some Downton Abbey (I think I'm addicted).

Here's a close-up but if you can't make out the words, they say,  

The securities young Frank despatched to Castlewood represent the studies which the firm would gladly bid for at three fourteen

I glued down the words, glued strips to the sides of the page and I also weaved a couple of strips just for fun. 
Then I decided I wanted to add some stamped words and was quite pleased when the first one I came across was a quote by Marcel Proust in the Travel set from Rubber Dance Stamps; it just seems to fit some how. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what Carolyn does in her, Wreck This Journal, journal, this week. I'm so glad some of you popped over there from here last week. It was an awesome post she wrote wasn't it? 

Well until next time, thank you for coming by and any comments you leave are most welcome and much appreciated.

Ta Ta for now ((hugs)) :o) Mo x

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

T Stands for.............

.......TV Doodling

Last night I decided I was going to decorate the cover of my Anti Journal. I did it whilst watching TV and catching up with Downton Abbey. The programme was gripping and the doodling was very relaxing; I am pleased with the result.

I used Sharpie pens,
and drank some Lady Grey tea. I am sharing this post with the lovely Tea group over on Elizabeth's blog. If you pop over there you could blog hop to see what everyone's been up to, and maybe join in too.

The front.
The arrow, bottom right, said 'Start Creating Here'. I wrote over it so it says 'Mo Woz Here'. It's not very clear, but I know it's there :)

The Back

Thanks very much for popping in for a look. I appreciate your visit and any comments you leave are most welcome!

Ta Ta For Now

((hugs)) :o) x

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Anti Journal

Pages three and Four

Hi there, I'm back again to share two more pages from my Anti Journal. If you would like to see the first two, then click here

Page three's prompt is to to be bold and fill the page with garish colour which I think I achieved. The colours really are much brighter and 'in your face' in reality.  

It was very relaxing making all the blocks of colour with my Neo Color IIs and so that the wax doesn't transfer onto my tea bag page I have stuck a piece of paper in with some washi tape.

Page four's prompt was to, Turn things on their head and cut up a photograph and make something abstract. 

This was so much fun to do. I glued down a few strips of patterned paper and striped vellum, then I cut out a model from a magazine, cut off her head and replaced it with a stamp from the Celestial Images set from Rubber Dance. I added some mulberry paper, gold stickles, liquid pearls and watercolour, to change her costume a wee bit, (she has jeans on under her skirt, hehe). I also cut up and glued down a shoe and case set on the right, to make my version of an abstract image. Finally I outlined everything and used some letter stickers. 

Carolyn Saxby, whom I mentioned in my previous post has shared a 'double helping' of awesome pages in her 'Wreck this Journal',journal for her Wreck it On Wednesday (WOW) blog post, here. I'm sure you will find it as inspiring as I.

Thank you so much for looking and until next time...............
................thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' ((hugs)) Mo :o) x

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wrecking my Mojo and Lady Grey

Hi there, *waves* it seems like such a long time that I was here, (last year even! Lol), and it feels like even longer that I created anything at all, other than a quick tag last week.  Thank you very much to those who missed me and sent me private messages asking if all was okay; your kindness squished my heart, ((hugs))

The reason for my lack of activity was my missing mojo. It just upped and left.
Naffed off.
Disappeared; around Christmas time. It was awful. It didn't matter what I did, what I looked at, watched or read, nothing jump started a spark in my leetle grey cells. Have you ever lost your mojo? What did you do to get it back? I had no idea what I was going to do, and then Mr Postie came a few days ago and brought me a package from my very dear friend Lynn Holland. I think many of you know her and would agree that she has a heart of gold. What did she send? This book;

I spent some time going through it and it made me smile. 
It made me smile and I felt lights going on in my brain. I knew this was going to be lots of fun.

In my eagerness I forgot to photograph the first page whilst it was still blank but it said to, 
'Write on this page avoiding the box: "I will not make boring art" 
and this is how I did it.
I used my Derwent Metallic pencils and a black micron pen. I had lots of fun doing this. Thank you again Lynn ((hugs)) xx
And for the second page I did literally what it said to do. Twice! Wee Man found it quite amusing :D
I'm thinking of changing this to try and make the frame better. 
I've done the third page also, but I'm not sharing that one yet . Hehe;)
This book reminded me of what Carolyn Saxby is working on here but of course Carolyn's is pretty darn awesome!

Taking a break today, I was having another look at my Anti Journal. and having a lovely cup of Lady Grey tea when I remembered that each week on Elizabeth's blog we celebrate Tea on Tuesday and visit each other to see what everyone's been up to lately. 
As you can see, I'd almost finished my tea, but I really wanted to take part after missing the past couple, or more, weeks.

So, I'm glad to be back in the groove and creating again. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Until then...............
........................thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' ((hugs)) :o) x

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