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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Wee Man's ICAD Days Three and Four

and mine too of course

Hello Everyone, Wee Man Here,
and me too, thank you very much! 

Here we are today to share our next two Index Cards for days three and four.
For day three I did some Splatting with bingo pens. They are lots of fun to use like this. I splatted the purple one so hard it went up my arm as well!
For day four, granny helped me to emboss two double deckers. The first one is gold and sparkly and people can hire it for special days like birthdays and anniversaries, in London. The second one is blue. and is a Stagecoach number 11 going to Inverness. I hope you've got your tickets even though you don't have to pay because they are zero pence.
My day 3 is following the day's prompt, 'Draw a map' I just came up with this in my head. I quite enjoyed it's creation and adding all the wee details. I used a Pitt pen and watercolour pencils.

Day 4 is following the day's prompt, 'Mail Box' Here in the UK they are called post boxes.
I drew a post box onto the inner of an envelope, which I had glued to my index card, and coloured it with my Inktense pencils. The highlights and collection info is done with my white Signo uni ball pen.
I used a Pitt Pen to doodle wee envelopes all around the border. and for the date of when the Royal Mail was founded. If you are interested in the heritage of the Royal Mail you can find some info here.

And if  you are thinking of joining in and would like to learn more about the Index Card A Day challenge just click here.

Well thank you for looking.
Until next time; 
stay well
and be Happy.
{{Hugs}} from Wee Man 
and me of course {{hugs} :o)) x


  1. What a lot of gorgeous cards from you too! Love the idea of golden busses, would love to ride in one of those. I know what you mine about ink and paint splats - the tiles in my kitchen look different after splatting some paintings last week! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Great cards. I especially like the royal mail post box


  3. Hi Mo, thank you for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment, i have had a pain free few hours so thought i would catch up on a few blogs!

    I was hoping to take part in ICAD and SOC but best laid plans etc... So good to see both yours and Wee Man's efforts which are amazing.

    I LOVE splatting it is one of the joys of playing with paints and markers.

    Looking forward to seeing more!
    Huge Hugs
    Mo :-) xxx

  4. Great cards Mo. It's great that wee man is joining in. I know how much he loves buses from previous posts so I'm not surprised he chose that theme for one of his cards.

  5. Well, I just love your bingo pen spats, the colours are beautiful but for me I really, really love the buses, I quite like the idea of the gold one - very posh indeed!!

    The map is superb, I especially love the train (David would love that!) and your postbox would make a fabulous Christmas card - with a little snow on it.

    You two have done a brilliant job. Hugs, Anne xxx

  6. I like the splatters and it makes a great header too.
    I do like your map and examined all the details - sweet little train and the pond with the swings and see-saw.
    All your Icads look as if you both had great fun making them.

  7. Wee man, you have used one of my FAVORITE and inexpensive art tools. Bingo dabbers are so much cheaper than the dabbers they sell in craft stores. I've not used mine like that before, but I sure LOVE what you did with SPLATS.

    And Mo, I simply ADORE your mailbox. I love anything British, and the mailbox is so iconic in British movies. Lovely how you lined the outside with letters.

    I'm off to load mine and share them, too.

  8. Wonderful drawings!Love the bingo dabblers and your mailbox.Stunning!

    Much love


  9. It's not fun if it's not messy! lol Here in the States if it's at your resident it's called a mailbox, if you have one in town at the post office it's called a post office box. Thanks for sharing! xxxxxxxxx


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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