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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Anti Journal Pages and June's Calendar Page

Hello Everyone!

Long time no see - Not! Lol. Well I did warn you the other day, that I'd be popping up a little more frequently just now ;-)

Today I am showing you two pages form my Anti Journal
Draw With Words
Project Shadows Here. Preserve them in any medium.
I used a black Pitt Pen for the 'Words' page and watercolour pencils for this one.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Carolyn and Karen have done this week. 


The words and colours on The Craft Barn's calendar challenge for June are
Lavender and Dragonflies
I have been determined since my January page to only use my gelatos and so far I have been successful, except this time I really wasn't sure I could do it. But I did :-D
I covered some card in old book paper and then I covered that in my Lavender gelato and smooshed it about with paintbrush and water. I then used my dragonfly punch to make many wee dragonflies which I glued onto my page.
I'm quite pleased with how the page looks. To see more June pages, simply click on the link above.

Thanks so much for looking.
Catch you soon
{{hugs}} Mo :o)) x


  1. Lots of lovely work again, good to see you are having so much fun with your artwork now! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Great pages in your anti journal Mo and I love all those lavender dragonflies too.

  3. Great pages Mo!! I'll have to have the girls draw with words....such a good idea. I LOVE dragonflies, so that page goes to the top of my list.

    Here is the link to the crayon melted hearts:
    from there you can go from one video to an other about melting crayons.........was so much fun to do. I let the girls use my embossing guns, but it can also be done with a hair dryer.

    Thanks for the visit and Happy T-day to you and Wee Man

  4. Goodness, Mo, you have been busy. Seems like I was just here.

    Drawing with words was quite clever. I really enjoyed it, and I can see it being a favorite of both yours and even something Wee Man might enjoy when making ICADs.

    I was super impressed with the dragonflies. They are genuinely gorgeous, and it must have taken forever to glue them in place on the calendar. Beautiful.

  5. Fabulous pages in your anti journal !

  6. Draw with words, that's a great challenge and you've done it brilliantly. You've got such imagination Mo.
    Lovely to see you in full flow x x x

  7. Love all the little punched dragonflies on your page. I resorted to punches as well.

  8. Drawing with words- how clever is that, I would never have thought of drawing this way.
    I like your watercolours shadows and (many) dragonflies too.

  9. I just love your page, all those little dragonflies patiently glued in place. Its lovely x

  10. Hi!

    I just love how you drew with words!!!

    Beautiful dragonflies..... I do love to see them flitting about the garden :)

    Karen x

  11. Love them! So clever with the word drawing! : ))

  12. Great pages! I love all the wee dragonflies on your calendar! xx

  13. Those dragonflies look as if they are glowing! Fab page.

  14. I love your calendar page, especially all the little dragonflies.
    xxx Hazel.

  15. Glad you used the same Lavender Gelato as I did, it does look rather pink! Love the dragonflies lighting up the dark "sky" for your page.


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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