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Art Therapy is Heart Therapy ~ TwinkleToes2day (aka mo)

Friday, June 26, 2015

SoC and Two New Index Cards

Hello Everyone

Here we are again with more arty endeavours from me and Wee Man. 
First of all our ICADs for days 25 and 26

Hi there, Wee Man here. This Icad was created using a new stencil from our star friend Sue Waters. I added the blue with a Neocolour 2 crayon and spread it round with a baby wipe. Then I added lots of granny's gold glitter glue. I think it is awesome.
My Icad for day 26 is me on my bike.
Bye for now, Hugs, Wee Man. Now here's granny.
I did this without thinking and only when it was finished and I realised one of the prompts was 'Organic' I thought this would fit that label for day 25.
For day 26 the prompt was 'Exotic' - I saw a flower like this in a magazine so I drew it on my tissue dye background with gel pens. The chipboard dragonflies were painted with dabs of paint leftover from teacher gift making, and then covered in crackle glaze. For a better view, click on the image to enlarge. 
This afternoon we were getting cards ready for the next couple of days using spray inks and glitter brush pens with lots of spraying and splatting going on. This is how our hands look - after washing. It was so much fun!
And finally here is my entry for the Summer Of Colour week three.
The colours this week are Purple Purple Yellow
I used Neocolour IIs, on a watercolour greeting card, to make a plaid pattern, and a waterbrush to smooth the lines out a bit. I haven't decided on a sentiment yet, but it's a useful card added to my stash.
If you would like to know more about the Summer Of Colour challenge, hosted by the lovely Kristin, then just click on her name and you will be transported to her blog where you can read all about it and view lots of gorgeous entries using this weeks colourway. 

Thank you so much for your visit.
Take Care, Be Happy
{{Hugs}} :o) Mo x


  1. It's always fun making a mess when crafting! Love'em!

  2. what a sweet combination of projects! My favorite though is wee man's bicycle card because I am getting hyped to watch the Tour De France beginning soon!

  3. Wonderful work Mo and Wee Man, both!

    (also love the painty hands, lol)

  4. Both of you seem to be having a lot of fun making these cards. I simply adore you on your bicycle, Wee Man. It's fun to see you riding around on that IC.

    Mo, your SOC card is wonderful. I agree it can be used for numerous occasions, and is gorgeous in its simplicity.

  5. Lovely work from you two crafty peeps again. My hands are covered with dark blue just now, your colours are nicer! My faves today are the star one and the SOC one, just lovely. Hugs, Valerie

  6. So glad you liked your new stencils, Wee Man! You and Granny are just art-making machines this summer, and are producing some wonderful things to look at. Have fun!

  7. Loved seeing you and your family's creativity!!! I especially love the piece made using this week's SOC colors!

  8. Well you both obviously had lots of fun getting inky and messy, just how crafting should be! I just love Wee Man's fantastic bicycle and I love your 'plaid' design Mo! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. You can just feel the fun you two had! visiting from SoC5. Love your plaid pattern so much.

  10. Stained hands are a sign of a happy, art-filled day. :) Great to see your latest ICADS.

  11. What a great time the two of you are having with ICAD and SOC!! Great works....both of you!

  12. Ah what fun!! I always love your stuff because you can tell you had a great time making it :-)


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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