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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Tag Tuesday and

Tea on Tuesday

Hello Everyone

Today I would like to share some Tea, or coffee or any other beverage with Elizabeth and the T Gang over at Altered Book Lover and think it would be great if you could join us. 
You don't have to drink tea, nor does your photo have to be taken on a Tuesday; just so long as your post is drink related.

I fancied some fruit teas this week so I bought this box from Twinings
My son and I enjoy trying different teas. That's his cup to the left.
So far I've only tried the Strawberry, Raspberry & Loganberry. It's very nice, not too sweet and a beautiful colour. The flavours in the box don't exactly match what is on the box so  what you get is a nice surprise.
Do you like fruit teas?

This week over on the Tag Tuesday blog, the theme is Arrows.

Mine is just a simple one with some doodling.
The tag itself was a clothing tag originally.
I used a black PITT artist pen.
I'm sorry that the photo isn't very good. 

Many thanks for visiting again today and I hope you have a good day, whatever you are doing.
Take care. Be happy. Be well.
{{Hugs}} Mo :o) x


  1. Wee Man's taxi is adorable. He's a full service provider, I see. any hour, any day. Glad to see he's keeping up.

    Imagine my surprise reading you don't really get what's shown on the package. I'd gladly share a raspberry tea with you, but the only way I like strawberries is when they still have their little green "hats" on them.

    I was really impressed with how you recycled a clothing tag. I love it when someone recycles something, and this is a beautiful arrow to accompany it. You make great doodles.

    Thanks for sharing yours and Wee Man's drinks with us for T this week, Mo, as well as your lovely tag.

  2. Happy Tday... Mo and Weeman!! The tea sounds good but wouldn't you know it i don't like fruity teas... only spice and chai flavored teas... weird taste buds i know... Love your tag Mo and Wee Man that mug would fit in beautifully around here.. we have so many squirrels its amazing and they are so darn cute! Hugs! deb

  3. Great tag an lovely cup... and Weeman's Taxi is just gorgeous!
    Happy T-Day Mo!

  4. Love the tea mug! Is that a squirrel on it? Funny how you don't get the teas that are advertised on the outside of the box. LOVE your arrow, and how clever to use a clothing tag for it!

  5. A lovely tag Mo. I think your doodling is so good it looks like Zentangling. Have you looked into. Zentangling ? Tag Tuesday brings back memories. That's the place where my blogging began.

  6. Lovely doodling on your tag!
    I have found that fruit teas can make beautiful dyed fabric ;-)
    Wishing you and Wee Man a Happy T Day

  7. i love fruit Teas... esp on hot days i brew a big pot and let it cool down. very refreshing.
    awesome arrow doodling, too!

  8. I like boxes of tea that have a variety of flavors so I can try them all and see which ones I would buy on their own.

    Your tag is great. Makes me want to break out my pen and doodle. Haven't done that in some time.


  9. Love wee man's sweet cup. I do drink some fruit teas but tend to find some also overpowering. And that tag-oh wow-it is super!! Happy T day to you and yours!

  10. About the only fruit tea I really like is lemon.
    Great doodling on your arrow.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  11. I love the tag!!! I know this will come as a shock, but I'm not very adventurist with my tea. The oldest has been trying to help with that

  12. LOVE the taxi drawing by Wee Man!!
    Even thought I am a coffee drinker, I might be tempted to try those fruit flavored teas.........brewed and iced down.

    The girls loved reading your comments and the fact that you live on the other side of the world. We will look up all the locations a little later today.

    Happy T-day

  13. Loganberry? Does Logan know there is a tea named after him... I love fruit teas too!

    Love your tangle arrow, you really do have a lot of patience ad produce the most wonderful results! Thanks for your visit, it would be lovely if we could both have some warm summery weather! Hugs, Anne xx

  14. Yum, those fruity/berry teas sound great. Twinings is one of my favorite brands, though I've never seen this particular sampler pack before.

    Great job on the doodling. I like how you've worked in chevrons and a smaller arrow.

    Happy T Day!

  15. I like how you are combining your activities Mo. I can see evidence of your pattern design skills again in the arrow. Very clever.
    I've got a box of liquorice tea here that some of my workshop ladies like xxx


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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