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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Wee Man and Twinkle's Index Cards

Days Five and Six

Hello Everyone

Thank you very much to all our visitors and for all the lovely comments.

Today we are sharing our cards for Day Five and Day six
Firstly from Wee Man is a yellow taxi
At the top it says, 'Travel with Wee Man on ICAD day 5-2015'

My day five card is a Gel pen owl
on a doodled background. I used four different shades of green for the owl and a black Pitt Pen for the doodles.

Next is an old favourite..
Do you remember Toby Poby from last year? Well here he is in all his glory, and posing on a blue rug, for day six from Wee Man.

Finally for today is my sixth card;
.the prompt for this was 'Taxi'. I used a black fude ball pen and a yellow glaze pen from Sakura.

Thank you for looking today.
Until next time, stay well
and be happy.

{{Hugs}} from Wee Man
and Mo :o)) x


  1. You are BOTH doing a fantastic job - tell Wee Man that Mr. D would love to travel with him in his lovely yellow cab :)

  2. What fun.... love that yellow taxi and Toby Poby looks so cute!

    Karen x

  3. Great cards Mo but my favourite has to be wee man's yellow taxi.

  4. What busy bee's you've been. I agree with Fuzzie Fingers... the yellow taxi is a winner 😀 but they are all great.

  5. More wonderful creations from you both! I couldn't possibly choose a favourite.... I love them all! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. So much fun! I love both the taxi cards, yellow and black is a fave colour scheme of mine :-)

  7. SO cute! I love the taxi! I wanted to get back to you regarding your color question - although I used several supplies and materials in my video to create the page, I still did try to keep to the same 2 blues and 1 green that I choose for my palette. It may not have been as evident in the video, but all the colors I played with were in the color palette that I choose. I hope that helps and have fun! xoxo

  8. Looks like Wee Man is having fun this year with the ICAD challenge. Come to think of am I. ;D


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