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Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer of Color.......

This fabulous, Summer challenge, hosted by the lovely Kristin of Twinkle, Twinkle Like A Star, is just six weeks long and jam packed full of fun, colour and prizes. 
Click on the link above to find out all about it.

Each week Kristin gives us a palette of colours to work with and this week they are 
Blue + Blue + Green 
This means two shades/hues of blue and one of green.
As I am also working on the Index Card A Day challenge I did my piece on a handy index card

I used a stencil called Staggered Brick Work and Gelatos. I mixed Blueberry with Lemon to make my green, (isn't it lush!?), added Blueberry to the top half and Cotton Candy to the bottom half. I wrote the words on card and edged them with Blueberry gelatos. Et voila!

Our Day 11 & 12 Index Cards.

Wee Man's Day 11
Letter To a Friend.

My Day 11
One Staple Collage.

Wee Man's Day 12
Blue Die-Cuts. 
We took lots of photo's of this one as Wee Man was desperate that you saw the Wink of Stella sparkle that he added to all the blank die-cuts. If you enlarge it I'm sure you can ;)

My Day 12

Thank you so much for your visit, we really appreciate you taking the time.
Until next time, Stay Well and Be Happy.
{{Hugs}} :o) Mo x
And Wee Man of Course xx


  1. Wow, you 2 lovely people have been really busy, love all your cards, what a variety! Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I can't tell you how much I love seeing mommies and grammies encourage and art with their young ones! Fantastic projects from both of you!

  3. Great to see you both make Icads together.
    Yes, Wee Man, I did see the Wink of Stella sparkle, nice work.
    Love both yours, Mo, especially the doodles.

  4. WONDERFUL projects from both of you! I love what you both did with this week's SOC colors!

  5. Those gelatos are really intense, aren't they? Your IC turned out great. I like the gradation of color. Lovely SOC entry.

    Your one staple entry was so fun. I really like that technique and I see you do, too.

    Wee Man's lovely ICADs really spoke to me. I saw the sparkle, but have never heard of that paint (?) before. It sure sparkles, though.

    I really enjoyed the air mail envelope. So glad Fluffy Toby will soon get it via air mail (grin).

    Your doodles are stunning. I am always impressed when you make something that lovely.

    Have a super weekend. Thanks also for dropping by and leaving such lovely comments.

  6. Bioth of you did a great job uaing this COLORS!
    Great !
    And your other ICADS are so pretty as well!

  7. Love the art ! Your doodles are my favorite ...I need to get back to doodling more often.

  8. I can definitely see the Wink of Stella, it is beautiful and your ICaDs are brilliant wee man....

    Wow, you have both certainly embraced the challenge, your work is always a pleasure to look at - Mo your doodles are fabulous!! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Such beautiful art from both of you! I could really see the sparkle in Wee Man's piece--it is very special! Your bricks are really fun--love the quote--they remind me that I have to practice/play some more with my gellatos!

  10. You have been working hard - lovely pieces too!

  11. Mm, those gelato names are yummy-sounding, and the colors and designs are luscious. Happy SOC5--week 1!

  12. You two did a great job!Wonderful charming pieces!

  13. Happu SOC5, you have lots of pieces going on! I can barely keep up with once a week :-P Great job!

  14. Just saw your comment and wanted you to know that Sally decided on a top loader, because her sister bought a front loader, and it hurts her back when she removes the heavy laundry from the washer. Sally decided the top loaders were easier on her back because of that. I was shocked at how large those machines were and how much they would hold since there is no center agitator anymore. And that one she decided on was not the largest, either! Of course, I'm still using the one I own and will till it dies.


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