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Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Craft Barn & Caterpillars

Calendar Challenge

The prompts for our May page in The Craft Barn's Calender Challenge are Magenta and Flowers.

I mixed some purple and pink gelatos with water on a palette and then used a white ink pad to stamp flowers all over my page. I then used the same stamp, dabbed it in my magenta mix and re-stamped the flowers. 

I stencilled May with a silver pen and coloured it in.
I really like the quote but could not find an attribution; it is also written with my silver pen, and then I added a strip of washi tape in a pink/magenta-ish colour, lol.
Finally I flicked on a few specks of silver Wink of Stella. Shame the sparkle doesn't show in the photo.

In caterpillar news, our chrysalides are now in their net habitat.

Hopefully we will see the stirrings of new things in about a week. YaY! It's so exciting!
Stay tuned!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my followers for your love, support and encouraging words, you all mean so very much to me. Thank You!

With loving {{Hugs}}
Take care and be well
Mo :o)) xo


  1. New life is always exciting! First thing I saw when I logged on this morning is that Duchess Kate is in labor! Soon a new Royal will be here!

  2. Wonderful calendar page, and it is really exciting waiting for the butterflies to appear! Hugs, Valerie

  3. May looks great and the chrysalises are so exciting! Jenny x

  4. Just checking in ;)

    Love your calender page.... good luck with the caterpillars!

    Karen x

  5. A beautiful page and saying. Look forward to the butterflies emerging!

  6. I like the little flowers you have stamped.

  7. the flowers look like fireworks to me :-)

  8. Lovely pattern, I've always like repeating patterns.
    Mr. Google says the quote is by Confucius.

  9. Love how you have done the flowers and a lovely quote too. its a long time since we have watched for the butterflies to emerge. Enjoy!

  10. That's a gorgeous page, fabulous details.

  11. Fabulous page! Butterflies must have emerged by now!

  12. So late I've probably missed the butterflies! The flowers look good on the calendar page though...

  13. Beautiful page. Love the sentiment.

  14. Lovely page and what a beautiful sentiment! Thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Challenge!
    Jane x


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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