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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Anti Journal Pages and a Little Flutter

Hello there :D 

You are there aren't you?
I missed last weeks post - in fact I missed most of last week full stop! I was plagued by migraines, having two a day on some days. Very bizarre, and very annoying. They take over everything. Every action, every thought.
But, this week is clear! Huzzah!! 

Now, onto business.
I have several of my Anti Journal pages I could share with you and have had a time of it trying to decide which to share today, *scratches chin thoughtfully*

In the end I decided to go with the two pages that are my most recent favourites.

The prompt for the first page was,
Bleed colours; place under a dripping tap
But seeing as there was a sudden heavy downpour yesterday whilst I was flicking through my journal I quickly cut out this page, splodged some acrylic paints on it and shoved it out onto the back door step
And this was the result;
tho' not the punched out shapes, you realise, lol :-D
The paint hadn't moved around as much as I'd hoped considering the rain was quite heavy, but it's ok.

I set the page to dry over night and then used a black marker to go back over the outline of the tap and the wording.
You may, (or may not), be wondering why I have some holes in the page.
Well, check out the second page I'm sharing, which just happens to be the reverse of this page.

Design by removing parts of this page
I used a large butterfly punch and then outlined them with oil pastels, smudging them a little with my fingers.

I hope you like my Anti Journal pages for this week and have time to visit Carolyn and Karen to see what they have been doing in their Wreck it journals.

Now, for those of you who have been following my caterpillar adoptions *grin* I apologise for the late posting of the release photos - I hope my 'sick note' above will absolve me.
Here are the pictures I managed to take - it was quite difficult doing it one-handed; Wee Man's only concession to being so close was to hold the flap open for me, lol
They flew away so quickly I only got a glimpse and no footage. Wee Man was amazed. Not enough to want to touch them, but quite happy for them to go.
you may be interested to know that I got some more a few days ago and they are doing very well and growing just as rapidly as the first 'brood' :-D

Now, I shall love you and leave you and thank you for your visit.
Do take care won't you, and be happy
{{Hugs}} Mo :o)) x


  1. Sorry to read you have been plagued by migraines, they are terrible and so debilitating i can empathise. So glad you are on the up and up!

    Your pages are fantastic i love the idea of you opening the back door and shoving your paper outside, must try that. The results are astounding and definitely something to smile about. The cut outs look fantastic too.

    THANK YOU for getting some pictures of the beautiful butterflies you have released and i am so glad we get to see some more in a few weeks time.

    Take care Mo :-) xxx

  2. Wonderful post. Glad your head is better this week, and how nice to see your butterflies flying - wonderful project! Hugs, Valerie

  3. It was great watching the journal pages develop. What imagination !!
    The butterfly project has been great to follow. Let's see what Olivia makes of hers. Xxx

  4. So clever in sitting your page outside to be rained upon! Sorry you've been under the weather and hope you are feeling better. You are such a good butterfly mommy!!

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Your pages are greats d I like the way you get the benefit of the butterflies on both pages.
    I'm so glad the butterflies developed nicely. Its such a sweet project. I look forward to seeing how the others do.

  6. Great to see those butterflies taking flight and LOVE your anti journal pages. You've inspired me to get one! Jenny x

  7. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I haven't had one for a while so feel your pain.
    Lovely journal pages. Love the tap...very funny!
    Thanks for sharing the caterpillars' release. Nice to see you have some more. Hope the wee Man liked them.

  8. So sorry to hear you have not been well! Hope they have gone now. Your anti journal pages are brilliant, I love how you did the dripping tap one and the butterfly one is beautiful!

    How wonderful that the butterflies got away OK, I hope they have a happy life on the wing! Keep well Mo. Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Glad to hear you have been migraine free this week.

    Love what you did in the rain! Very spontaneous :) and very colourful.

    The butterflies, paper and real are beautiful. Good to hear you have another batch on the go!!!!

    Karen x

  10. Glad you are back to your sunny self! xoxo I hate when they come in waves like that! Have you tried peppermint or lavender essential oils? They help me somewhat, just dilute with a carrier oil any cooking oil (without a heavy scent to it). I add a few drops of cooking oil to a tiny bowl then shake in several drops of the oil and apply it to my temples, throat and back of my neck and even the forehead. Then I eat a square or two of dark chocolate (72% or so). Caffeine seems to help, if you like sodas drink a glass of that with the chocolate.

    I l-o-v-e the pages you created with the help of rain,very clever!

  11. Thank you for your comment on my CB calendar post, and the link for the update on your butterflies! Unfortunately, I think I pressed the wrong button, because your comment has disappeared and I can't find where it's gone! Anyway, good to catch up (!) with the butterfly bulletin! Now going to go to your next post!


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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