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Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Wee Pre Warning and a Final Flutter

What is Coming up Over the Next Few Weeks

Hello Everyone 
I hope I find you well and looking forward to a new week and a new month. 

For many of us, June is a particularly busy crafting month, with the start of both the Summer of Color and the Index Card a Day challenges. Also known as SOC and ICAD respectively. 

Wee Man and I are both doing ICAD together and I am also doing SOC. 

Both of these start on June 1st, but don't let that stop you clicking on the links above, or on my sidebar, taking a look around and joining in at any point you like. 
They aren't races or competitions; they are both for fun, stretching your imagination and are all about 'the doing'

Now, as well as the above, I am continuing with T on Tuesday with Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover and the rest of the 'T gang', Tag Tuesday and my fellow Taggers, and also with my weekly sharing of some Anti Journal pages with Carolyn and Karen.

Now the 'Wee Pre Warning' mentioned above, is just to let you know that my intent is to blog about everything as much as possible, some of the posts will be quite long, particularly on a Tuesday, and I'm hoping that you don't get fed up seeing this blog in your email or feed, perhaps, every day (now there's a challenge for myself huh?, Haha)

Oh, and I'm also here to ask if you will keep your fingers crossed that I don't drive myself demented? Will you? 
Thanks ;-) Lol

Now, the final look, for this year, at our Painted Lady butterflies;
well actually it's just one; the last one of four that made it out into the big wide world to go make more duplicates of themselves, I hope. 
The first three got swept briskly away on the wind, but this final one went on my hand and then I put it onto my wee Lilac bush.

Hope you enjoyed that. Did you see it 'dive in' for a drink? How marvellous and wondrous nature is.

Well, thank you for visiting;
stay well,
and be happy.
See you again soon (very, hehe)
{{Hugs}} Mo :o)) x


  1. Wonderful to see your butterflies. Have fun with all your projects in June, and stay sane! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Sounds like we'll be meeting many places, since we're both doing SOC and ICADs, as well as T. You are doing Tag Tuesdays and your anti journal, while I am doing Journal 52. Seems you and Wee Man might be even busier than me during the next two months. I look forward to daily updates because this should be fun.

    How sweet the butterfly was on your hand before flying away. Perhaps a final thank you for helping to give it life!

  3. Never get tired of seeing what you are up to! And Wee Man too!

  4. oh my goodness, you've set yourself a busy month! I loved the ICAD challenge when I did it, so enjoy!

  5. A busy month indeed (and summer here, the youngest will be off to college at the end of summer.) Yikes! Look forward to the posts.I better hunt up some index cards proto! ; ))

  6. Golly, you have both got a busy month ahead! Your posts are never boring Mo, I look forward to seeing what you both create and please don't drive yourself demented!! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. I saw you over at Fuzzie Fingers just now and realised I never popped back to see how your butterflies fared - it's great that 4 made it and also that the last one posed so beautifully on your finger! I love the little movie - and you're right, nature truly is wondrous!


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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