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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

By Wee Man

T Stands for..... Le Cafe Francais 
Hi everyone, Wee Man here. I am joining granny, with Elizabeth, for Tea on Tuesday  this week. 
At school, me and my class have been learning some French words and last Wednesday we set up a French Cafe in our classroom and invited our families to come and visit.
We decorated the classroom.

I did a picture of a 'Sandwich au Fromage et Frites' - a cheese sandwich and chips. 

I was a Maitre D and had a twirly moustache painted on my face by a class helper.
Here is my badge.

When granny arrived I said, "Bonjour granny. Ca va?" 
That means, "Hello granny. How are you?" 
Then I showed her to table number 3 and a waiter, (Corin), came and took her order. 

There was lots of food to choose from. Me and granny shared a Crepe Lemon, (lemon pancake) and a Croissant. 
There was tea and coffee but we just had water to drink. Sorry I didn't get a photo of it Elizabeth.

Until next time. Thanks for popping by to say Hi
Hugs from Wee Man :-D

Because there were lots of children (obviously), we had to be careful about where the camera was pointing. Hence the lack of photos there of. 
Happy T Day everyone, Mo x


  1. Hi Wee Man, comment ca va? Your French day sounds lots of fun and mmmmm to lemon pancakes and croissants. Hope you enjoyed being a waiter and having a moustache for a few hours.

    Hugs:-) xxx

  2. That is such a great thing you did, I think teachers have the best jobs and imaginations and make classrooms so interesting. So different from when i went to school when everything was clean and dusted
    Bridget #1

  3. No problem, Wee Man. At least I know you had something to drink, and I understand why it was difficult to get photos of food and drink without taking photos of children your age. I'm just glad you shared your day at the Cafe with us, and I can imagine that mustache you "wore."

    Thanks for sharing Le Cafe Francais with us for T this Tuesday, and I would love an order of Sandwich au Fromage et Frites, please.

  4. What fun to have a French party at school, lucky you! Hugs Valerie

  5. Lovely French party pics you have supplied, and we can all imagine the moustache and twirling that ensued!!

  6. Bonjour Wee Man! Je taime Suzanne! That is what I remember of my 9th and 10th grade French classes! Oh, I can make a mean Cherries Jubilee for dessert too! That would be great with your lemon pancakes.

  7. J'adore votre Café Francais!! Thank you for sharing in this delightful adventure. I would love to have been there-great food and great art.

  8. Bonjour, Monsieur, ca va? Bien! I would've taken your advice on the food. Sounds very good :)

  9. Hi Wee Man! Thank you for sharing the great day your class prepared for your family......and in French too! I absolutely LOVE all the drawings.
    Yes, we understand the photo situation, but I would have loved to seen your mustache! LOL

    Happy T-day to you and to your Granny!

  10. How much fun are you!! Love that you love your Granny. Keep learning and sharing. Lovely post.

  11. Bonjour Wee Man, j'espère que vous avez une bonne journée
    (Hehe) don't worry I had to look up how to say "I hope you are having a nice day".
    You must have been very good to be give the job of Maitre D.
    I'd have loved to see you with your mustache :D
    Your badge looks great and very offical.
    Say hi to Granny (looking thing having pancakes) and hugs to you from Neesie and of course Mufftypup ^..^

  12. Bonjour Wee Man! I learned French as a second language when I was in school (quite awhile ago), too! I love pomme frites! Love your maitre d badge! Thank you for joining us today!

  13. What fun! I bet you were the best Maitre D ever! :))

  14. Oh what a fun sounding day for you all!! Thank you for sharing and we do understand about the pictures :)

  15. Sounds like a fun time.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Bonjour Wee Man. Je suis Lynn. Quelle heur et il ?
    Haha that's about as far as it gets. What a fabulous French cafe, wish I could have visited xxx

  17. Bonjour Wee Man, what a great way to learn a foreign language, it must have been such a fun day. Well done for speaking French so very beautifully! Hugs to you and Granny! Anne xx

  18. Isn't French a lovely language?Love the idea of having a class with a class.It's amazing!Once a did that with my high school students.We called it baroque café. We also read some poetry. I miss that class. Nowadays things are so different.


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