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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

T on Tuesday stands for............

...........Tea with Elizabeth and a Tangled Tag

It's hard to believe that it's Tuesday again 'already' but time does have a way of moving along regardless. I want to thank all the lovely visitors and those who left such awesome comments for Wee Man last week when he shared is Cafe Francais with us all. 
They really do make him smile; and it is a beautiful smile.

This is an index card I did in 2013. A photo of WeeMan that I played about with :)

This week I am sharing a pie that Son2 and I made the other day; a banana pie with sweet shortcrust pastry. It has crunchy peanut butter layered in it too. 
We ate it hot with salted caramel ice cream and it was delicious. 
 I washed it down with a glass of water, but then had a delicious cup of red berry tea.

If you fancy seeing what the other T ladies have been upto, then go to Elizabeth's blog and follow the links. 
Maybe I'll see you there :-D

Tuesday for me also means a new theme over on the Tag Tuesday blog. I know I don't usually share it here, but I am always afraid of boring you with long posts. We are all busy people after all :)
But as I had completed my tag in plenty of time, instead of last minute, I thought I would pop it in here as well. 
The theme this week, is Symmetry.

Taking the easy way out, I did some doodling, pattern drawing, tangling, whatever you want to call it. I just did it whilst watching a little TV, and I added the colour with my gel pens.

Thank you so much for looking.
Until next time, stay well and be happy
{{Hugs}} :o)) Mo x


  1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I adore your tag, and Wee Mans doodled picture is adorable.

    Happy T-day

  2. Beautiful tag, and love the look of your pie and icecream, soooo yummy! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Your pie sounds wonderful. Although I've never had bananas and peanut butter before, I've heard the two go very well together.

    I love the birds on the cup of red berry tea. The cup is the perfect addition to accentuate the color of the tea.

    Thanks for sharing your tea (and lovely cup) and pie with us for T this Tuesday. And of course, I really like your tag, too.

    BTW, please don't forget to add your link to the list.

  4. Morning... hey the sun's shining!
    Anyway fantastic tag and that pie looks delish except I don't like peanut butter. I know I'm odd but there you go 😜
    Enjoy your Tuesday xoxo

  5. Yummie art and yummie things today! Happy T-Day!

  6. You call it doodling, I call it twitching! So pretty when others do it though.
    Your pie looks delish and that tea too.

  7. Wee man's altered photo is just adorable! The tag is spectacular and so perfect! I'm not sure I would have the patience to draw that out--you certainly deserved a slice of that pie after that!

  8. Love that tag of wee man-so cute! My hubby would LOVE that pie. Your doodled tag is fantastic!!! I thought it was decorated with a preprinted paper-great job-and thanks for sharing. Happy T day!

  9. Your tag is wonderful with so much fabulous detail!
    And Wee Man looks so fun in that photo with your doodled highlights too :-)
    You've made me hungry with that gorgeous pie.
    Thank you for your kind words over at my Magpie's Nest

  10. Great tag! That pie sounds very interesting. I don't believe I've heard of any banana pie other than banana cream.
    Happy T day!

  11. That cup is perfect with the red berry tea -so cozy. :)

  12. such great art work today! love your wee man's altered photo and the incredibly detailed tag! ....and maybe we could persuade you to let us in on the banana pie recipe? sounds incredible! :)
    happy T day!

  13. Now that is a pie…and salted caramel ice-cream too….mmmmmm!! I used to love red berry tea - haven't had any for ages - Thanks for reminding me about it! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  14. Hey! If anybody should be accused of long boring posts, it's me! LOL! I loved all of this one. Happy T-Day! :)

  15. That looks like a pie I'd like and with the ice cream added I'd be a happy camper. I like your colorful tag as well.


  16. I remember that tag of Wee Man. That pie looks s-o good! (Just made some homemade cherry ice cream for the girls, it went down good LOVE the tag! Hope your weekend is wonderful and sunny! xoxo

  17. I've never seen a pie like that before, but it sounds really good...especially with the salted caramel ice cream! I'll have to check out Tag Tuesday, since I've been tag-obsessed lately. Your doodling looks great.


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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