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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

T Stands for.......

.........Treats and another Tag

Hello Everyone! 

It is Tuesday; and that means it's time for Tea with Elizabeth and friends over at Altered Book Lover. Well actually, as I write this, it's still Sunday, and FYI the caterpillars are still at the chrysalides stage. If that changes by Tuesday I will update this at the bottom ok? Ok. We are so excited there is potentially five Painted Ladies this time! :-D 

Now then; on to business. 
On Thursday and Friday of last week, Wee Man was off school for In-service days. We like it when there's no school, it means we can come and go as we please :-D
So on Thursday I decided to take him to the Premier Inn/Brewers Fayre in the next town for a lunch time treat; mainly because they have a soft play area indoors and a decent play area outside too, (in a secure area), and as it was a fine bright day, the doors to the outside area were open. Yay!
We travelled by bus of course; Wee Man's most favourite mode of transport.

The menus
were both quite good
Wee Man had Macaroni cheese, garlic bread and orange juice
and I had a toasted cheese and ham ciabatta with sides and my drink was Apple, Raspberry and Rose Water. No ice thank you. Delicious.
I knew my eternally sweet tooth wanted dessert so I took half the ciabatta home with me. (Good idea huh?) :-D

The desserts were, of course, delicious
Wee Man had strawberry ice-cream with chocolate sauce and a mini flake and I had a warm brownie and vanilla ice-cream with toffee sauce. 
We both had more juice too. 
We were there for a couple of hours altogether and then we got another bus back into town and then a further bus to take us home again.
(image courtesy of Google)

The theme at Tag Tuesday this week is, 'Down on the Farm'

My tag is a bit of a mixed media piece

The background is watercolour for the sky and grass base. I used white acrylic for a couple of clouds. I then made an eraser stamp for grass to add a bit more texture, but I also cut some grass tufts from napkins that I glued along the bottom. I had the tissue paper rabbit from some happy mail which I coloured lightly with grey and the tissue paper butterfly, I coloured orange. The barn, fence and the animals are self adhesive foam stick-ons that Wee Man had. It was a fun make.

Now as promised earlier, I can update you with butterfly news.
We have three perfectly beautiful Painted Ladies!

Again, they managed to emerge without an audience, even though there are four people in this house looking at them regularly. I am a little disappointed not to have seen at least one actually emerge. But hey, it's all about the flutterbys, so, here is a picture for you to enjoy
I hope you can see the three of them.

Many thanks for looking.
Stay well. Be happy. {{Hugs}} Mo :o) x

PS - for those who also follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed I haven't been around. Well FB decided after x-number of years, that I should only be using my 'real name' for my profile, so they blocked my account. No warning. Nada. Nothing. So I can't even log in, in order to comply with these, never heard of before by me, rules. 
I have joined Instagram here, if you would like to visit on occasion. Other than that, I think I may just stay around here. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you Mo. So sorry about FB - what a pain in the butt - never heard of that rule. Maybe you can set up a new one with Wee Man's name? Love your banner pic. Hugs

  2. Sounds like a fun day out, and a day out with eating is always fun.
    Great to see the butterflies, what a marvellous project, we need all the butterflies we can grow. It's like the blue tits, one minute they are feeding their babies in the box, and we are watching all the time, and then sometime in the very early morning they all come out and vanish.
    I like your tag and the way you have made the animals in different ways.

  3. So glad all 5 emerged! Your lunches (and desserts) look really yummy since I can't have ANY of it right now! Sad that you won't be on FB. Perhaps you can just open a new account with your "real" identity. Heck, even Wonder Woman had an alter-ego!

  4. What a fun outing you and Wee Man must have had. And of course, the food and juice looked good, too. I'm with you. I'm not one who likes ice in my drinks because it dilutes the taste.

    The butterflies are gorgeous, and I was delighted you updated us. What fun they must have been for Wee Man, even if he missed their arrival.

    Your warning is just another reason why I will never join Facebook. They would never like it that Bleubeard is the face of everything we do.

    Thanks for sharing your fun day out, as well as those lovely drinks and desserts, too, for T this Tuesday.

  5. Oh how exciting about your lovely butterflies even if you didn't get to witness their emergence.
    Sounds like a fun trip you got to take with Wee Man and saving room for dessert was a very good idea = yum yum :-)
    Happy T Day!

  6. I'd have enjoyed that outsing. It looks like fun :)

    FB is weird and inconsistent about enforcing that rule, and I'm surprised they won't let you access it to comply. I've heard some people use Google+, and I know you're allowed to use an online name instead of your legal real-life name there.

  7. Oh, and the butterflies! Thanks so much for posting that picture. I'm planting some herbs hoping to attract some butterflies here :)

  8. Oh I feel as if I've had a lovely day out. Tell Wee man I saw lots of blue arriva double deckers in Liverpool. Also Olivia has got her butterfly kit now and will start it when she gets back from her holidays xx

  9. it's so much fun to hear about your adventures...yummy desserts included. ...and love the butterfly photos!

  10. Thanks for sharing your adventures, lovely drinks and delicious looking lunch.

    The butterflies are beautiful, what a great learning experience for the Wee man.

    Happy T-day

  11. Well we're excited to have you stay around here! :) Looks like you two had a fabulous time. Love your tag. I had to change my email on my blog after the move... and they wouldn't accept a gmail account...go figure ... but they did take a Yahoo email... Happy Tday! Hugs~ deb

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch and afternoon! Your sandwich looks huge..the ciabatta rolls we get around here are about half that size. How exciting to have three healthy Painted Ladies emerge!

  13. What a lovely day! ....Your lunch looks delicious Mo :) I would probably have chosen the same :D
    Love eating out ita a real treat. Kevin treated me to breakfast at F&B on Tuesday too! it was delicious. Miss yourposts on fb :( xx

  14. Sounds like a fabulous outing, and yum! A great 3-D tag. xoxo


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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