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verb (used with object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
3. to utter as twaddle.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Altered Cereal Boxes

I wanted to make a magazine holder and chose to use an empty cereal box.  I covered it in some old notepaper, gesso, die-cut flowers, hearts, leaves & butterflies all stuck with matt-medium and outlined with a black pen.

Actually, instead of magazines, I've got my decoupage kits in it. I got fed up with them slipping of the shelf; but now they're neat and tidy :)

A certain wee man asked if I would do one for him as well, so we set to work, (with the box I was going to make my own, second one with ~ ahh, the sacrifices, haha). I had very specific instructions, with no deviation from the plan allowed.

I gave the box a couple of thick coats of gesso and left it to dry thoroughly whilst he was at school. The stencils, colours and some of the stamps were chosen by him and I used acrylic paints for the colouring.  I had forgotten about the ticket stamp from the train set, but luckily he has a terrific memory.  He's very happy with it, bless him, and it is already in use.  Our special children find pleasure in the simplest of things.

I had another idea to collage some of his, extensive, collection of bus tickets and train tickets onto two more boxes for his train and bus magazines, but that produced a very intense, negative reaction, soo.... I think I shall shelve that idea, lol.

So, until next time................ cereal,
and thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' *hugs*


  1. They are lovely, especially the one with the buses and trains. Hugs, Valerie

    1. Thanks very much Valerie. I knew you'd appreciate a bit of repurposing ;) x

  2. I like the trains and buses too. I thought the ticket collage was a good one but I can see where he might not like that idea.

    1. Thanks Boo. I think the train side is my favourite on Logan's box.
      Haha, wish I hadn't mentioned it, but hey-ho, he's not said anything about it again as yet.
      But he :o)

  3. Cool! Funny about your "wee man" LOL...

    1. Thanks Julie ~ He's nearly as tall as me and he's only nearly 7! He'll be patting me on the head before too long, lol

  4. What a fabulous idea I would never have thought of that. In going to tell Susan she might like it for sunnybank. X xx

    1. Thanks Lynn - Now that does surprise me, haha :D xxx

  5. Clever lady, I love 'em! Such fun and memory making activity. For W. M.'s ticket maybe you cold copy them and use those instead.


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