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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sketch into Spring #15 ~ Tag Tuesday ~ A Detailed Drawing

A very busy post today, so I shall get right to it.  First of all, here is prompt #15 from Sketch into Spring ~ 'Fill a page with rubbings'. This was lots of fun to do.  Some of you recall doing brass rubbings previously but not from nature. I can reccommend getting your leaves and and textured grasses under your paper and giving them a good rub with your pencil or charcoal. I used a pencil as I don't have any charcoal.  I quite fancy rubbing some tree bark, but would rather find 'discarded' bits and doing it in the privacy of my home, haha.  I'm not a public crafter.

Next I have my tag for this weeks prompt of 'Metal', over at the Tag Tuesday blog.  I didn't have any clue what I was going to do and then after seeing the superb examples on the blog, I was even more mystified! And then, I remembered I had some left-over bits of a tomato puree tube hidden somewhere in my stash, so I dug it out and pondered a bit more on how I was going to make it tag shaped.  ((Light bulb!)) I used my Artful Dwellings die in my bigshot! Yay, me!  Sorry ~ anyway ~ I then used an embossing folder to add some texture.  After that I dripped on my two alcohol inks, blue & yellow, (tried to make green but it didn't mix very well), and once that was dry I added some more colour with alcohol markers.  Finally, I added colour to a ring pull which I fastened on with a coloured brad.

My final share for today is what my wee boy called a 'detailed drawing'.  Something they are working on at school, as he generally does not like to draw.  He was so delighted with it, and do you know, he even went outside to check on the colour of some of the plants to see what shade he should use?!  And he even used a terracotta shade for the roof tiles.  I was so impressed, I thought I would show it to you here.

He has called it, 'Granny in the Garden'.  I Love it Love it Love it! <3  It now 'lives' in my bedroom on the wall.  Of course.

Well, until next time.........
.........thanks so much for popping by to say 'Hi' *hugs*


  1. Lovely leaf rubbings, must have a play, so glad you shared!

    Love your metal Tag, colours are amazing; if you want to get other colours from alcohol inks you need Blending solution which when added gives amazing results. If you go to You Tube i think there is a video showing how to make your own blending solution...

    Love love love your drawing. You do know you can scan it into your computer, give it a frame using Craft Artist, print it onto fabric and turn it into a bag or similar. Too precious a memory to forget, lovely share:-) xxx

    1. Thank you very much for the tips about the alcohol inks MOH, I'm so glad you like what I did. And I will look up Craft Artist for the drawing.
      I hope you do have a go at the rubbings, I'd love to see what you do :-D

  2. Just seen ur lovely comment, what is ICAD please? :-) x

  3. I've replied on your blog _ twice, lol :-D

  4. I love your tag, Mo. I have used tomato puree tubes in the past. I invested in some metal sheets but they are still in my drawer. After seeing your lovely tag maybe I will get them out and have a play, although I have to emboss by hand as I do not have an embossing machine.

    1. Thank you Carol - I've only used the metal with punches before, never in this way. I previously tried embossing by hand, but I never quite got it right, so I'm grateful to have the machine, even if I haven't used it very much. I would love to see what you do with metal sheets. How thick are they? :o))

  5. The rubbings are very impressive and the tag is fabulous, you have got so many wonderful colours in it. As for the wee man's drawing, I think you have a budding artist on your hands! Hugs, Anne xx

    1. Many thanks Anne, I will tell him you like the drawing :-D xx

  6. What a great blog post, it's full of interest. I like how you've labelled the leaf rubbings, it's good to have a reminder.
    Did the embossed make that pattern Mo it's very I impressive.
    As for wee man's picture, it's wonderful and I love how you described how he went to check the colours. He is a little darling. I would have it on my wall too if I was his granny xxx

    1. Thank you Lynn. I did the embossing with a folder on my bigshot; I was really pleased when I saw how detailed it had come out. I had to make a copy of the picture so that he could have one in his room too, bless. And he did another drawing today after being challenged to by Boo on Mixed Media Madness. I was kind of surprised at first that he went for it, but then I remembered how chuffed he was at the reactions the first one got. There's nothing like positive reactions to boost kiddies on, no matter their ability eh :o)) xx

  7. The rubbing is lovely but the tag is gorgeous!!!! Of course Wee Man's is priceless. How clever of him to check the colors! xxxxx


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