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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

T Stands for......

.......lunch in a posh place

I'm sorry I missed T on Tuesday last week, life just took over. However, I did go out to lunch on the Wednesday with the ladies I volunteer with on Fridays, (cooking a three course lunch for the over 60's), and we went to somewhere most of us had never been before.

It's called the ClubHouse
I assume it used to be a private house, but I can't find anything about it. 
The inner decor is beautiful 

And I really liked the flowers decorating the table tops 
My preferred drink that day was Apple & Mango J2O. Some of my friends had wine, and others had other soft drinks.
My first course was poached salmon with asparagus wrapped in parma ham and a warm hollandaise sauce. It was delicious!

My dessert was a Cranachan Trifle - a traditional Scottish dessert usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries with toasted oatmeal soaked overnight in a little bit of whisky.  This day it had a bottom layer of sponge soaked with raspberry jelly, and not so much of the whisky; it was served on a slate tray with a raspberry coulis and homemade shortbread. 
Also, delicious.

I would have both of these courses again, anyday. 

In other news, you may or may not have seen that Wee Man and I are working on a nature project together - first post here - looking after Painted Lady caterpillars. Here are some updated photo's of them

and today.

We feel confident there will be three butterflies out of the five caterpillars we started with. The one hanging by a thread is not cocooned properly, so will likely not make it and the fifth is laying at the bottom of the cup. We will leave these alone for a couple of days and then move them into a net habitat where they will, hopefully, complete their amazing transformation.

I hope you found them as fascinating as we do. And I hope you can join us for T on Tuesday again next time. Now I wonder what Elizabeth & Bleubeard with young Squiggles have been up to, and also, the rest of the T gang. Go here if you'd like to find out too.

Thanks so much for popping in and until next time, take care and be happy {{Hugs}} Mo :o)) x


  1. Would love to know the history of this place. I love the wallpaper and the plaid upholstery especially. Sounds like a grand lunch-and looks SO good too! Must be fascinating to watch the caterpillars grow-god luck with them. Happy T day!

  2. I was a bit shocked to see the caterpillars right after the gorgeous dessert (grin). I'm SO glad Wee Man is enjoying and participating in this project.

    Even though I'm a vegetarian, I suspect I would eat that ham wrapped salmon. Since I'm a sauce junkie, the hollandaise looked delicious. I could almost taste it!

    It looked like you not only enjoyed the dessert, but got sauce happy with your coulis.

    Thanks for sharing your juice, your beautiful meal, and the lovely surroundings (which looks to me like it might have been a residence int the past) for T this Tuesday (or nearly Tuesday).

  3. Its is a gorgeous place indeed, I love old buildings like that. The food looks ever so posh too. I must go back and read about your nature project and cant wait to see those butterflies, hope that one survives
    Bridget #1

  4. Looks like a great place you went to eat! Glad your project is doing well! Hugs, Valerie

  5. A beautiful place! Thank you for sharing !
    Love to see your butterfly experiment again!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Lovely place for a wonderful sounding (and looking!) lunch! Thanks for the update too on the butterflies.

  7. What a lovely place to lunch with the ladies.
    Everything looks gorgeous!
    I am excited about your soon to be butterflies!
    Happy T Day!

  8. A fancy lunch is fun sometimes, and I'd go to this place in a heartbeat. So pretty, and I'm hungry for your raspberry dessert. :) The caterpillars are a fun project. I hope you get good pictures of the butterflies to share. Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Your meal sounds delish!!! And the place was gorgeous.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos of the butterflies!
    Happy T day!

  10. Wow! It looks a very nice place to go for a meal...
    Your little project is coming along. I can't wait to see the butterflies...

  11. The building is beautiful and they did a stellar job with the decorating. The food looks very good. Looks like a fun project with LittleMan. Will have to write that down for a project with the grand daughters this summer.

  12. Oh WOW Mo and Wee Man how amazing to see the growth of the caterpillars from last time. I hope you are both enjoying the process and take pictures when the butterflies emerge.

    What a fabulous place for lunch, i would have loved both of your choices so glad you enjoyed them :-) xxx

  13. Ooh! Definitely posh! The food looks delicious! Great to see how your butterfly project is coming along-exciting times ahead!!! Happy T day, Chrisx

  14. It really does look like a wonderful place for lunch, nice to see you being spoiled for a change, I love the table decorations too.

    How sad about two of the butterflies but it will be wonderful to see the ones that do emerge - really looking forward to it! Hugs, Anne xx

  15. Everything sounds and looks delicious!
    I hope all three butterflies emerge!! How fun!
    Happy T Day! :)

  16. Clubhouse looks wonderful. The caterpillar project looks amazing. Hope to see the transformation.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Even I am nowhere perfect with the yoga poses. Flexibility will only come gradually for us, the first timers.Hope you give it a try-:)
    Have a lovely week

  17. Oh, the food looks divine! Good luck with the caterpillars!

  18. Wow that meal looks fantastic, both in presentation and yummy appeal!Our weather is going back and forth, too. Today bordered on "hot" and by Friday we will need a coat again!

  19. Oh my the inside of the clubhouse looks very posh and the food look lovely. Whereabouts is it Mo ? Xxx

  20. What a beautiful place and the food looks divine! Lucky you ; )


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