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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Anti Journal

New Pages

Although I have been away on holiday, I still have new pages done in my Anti Journal book to share with you. Not because I was dedicated whilst away, but because I was obsessive before I went away! Haha! 
I am joining Carolyn & Karen this week if they have managed to get new pages done; I'm looking forward to what they have wrecked ;-)
These pages are done simply with different coloured gel pens and the green background is done with an Inktense pencil.

The prompts are: make each one different 
Stitch Lines 

I enjoyed doodling in the circles and deciding what patterns to add, but I really enjoyed finding lots of different stitches to draw. This was inspired by Carolyns love of stitching; after all who can fail to be inspired by work as fabulous as this and this. Thank you Carolyn.

And thank you all for popping in again so soon after my marathon holiday posts, I really do appreciate it and all your lovely comments.

Take care {{Hugs}} :o)) Mo xx


  1. I think you had Easter eggs on your mind when you doodled in those circles. This one is really special because of the sewing (faux) stitches, too. Wish my machine did something half that good (grin)!

  2. Have just found Tag Tuesday by following your link to Carolyn's other blogs. I already follow her textile blog as i love her photographs and stitching, thanks for the links.

    LOVING your anti journal this week, imagine it was real fun to draw all those stitches. enjoying your posts as always Mo :-) xxx

  3. Glad you are still having fun with wrecking your journal, hugs, Valerie

  4. Oh oh oh! I LOVE this!! Totally want to try it - making them all different - thanks for the inspiration (and love ;) xo

  5. Hope you had a super holiday......

    I love this's so colourful and the stitches look so pretty (and real!)

    Karen x

    ps new header? very nice :)

  6. Fantastic MO - that stitching looks real! Jenny x

  7. Golly, that's a lot of faux stitching, it looks fabulous and I love the patterns you created within the circles - I don't think I could have come up with so many variations - huge kudos to you! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Lovely to have you back Mo,
    Well if I said that I thought you'd actually doodled AND been sewing, you might think I'd lost the plot or need a holiday... but I really thought those stitches were for real.
    Great work and now I'm off to read what you got up to on holiday. I know I'm a little late but 'tail-end Charlie's' my name... don't you know?
    I hope you're enjoying this tropical weather xoxo

  9. What fun and varied patterns and stitching.

  10. This is beautiful. I specially like the sewing theme. What a bright and happy page.

  11. I'm not just saying this but these are fsbulous pages and I think the stitch page would make a great printed card with the circles as the back of the card.
    Well done Mo, you are the one inspiring people now xx

  12. These are cool Mo! Clever you! : ))

  13. Hi Mo! I found your blog via Neesie and Muffy, and just wanted to say that if and whenever your 'Wee Man' and you would like to come and play in the Snippets Playground with us we'd love to see you. It's mostly just fun and sharing, with a wee prize each week - I do know that a lot of links and friendships have resulted - and that makes me happier than ever! Wonderful pages too!


    Di xx


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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