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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Anti Journal and a new Project

Good morrow dear friends, I hope I find thee in good health.

Sorry about that, I'm listening to an audible book set in the late 1700s and there's a lot of thee and thou from the quakers and I'm one of those people that picks these things up and annoys everyone else with it, lol. Wee Man just thinks I'm very silly. 
*Sigh*, he's probably right ;) So I shall cease and desist.

Righto, onto the reason why I'm here today. It's Wednesday and I have got into the habit of sharing some pages from my Anti Journal around the same time as Karen and Carolyn share some of their work from their Wreck It journals.

The prompt for this first page says: 
Any object you place here automatically becomes a work of art 
I used the edge of an inkpad to make some grass, which I like, and tried the same for the sky - nicht so gut - so I covered it with some gesso and then added white crayon through a cloud stencil to hide more of the blue - better.
Then I got out my dried flowers and stuck some onto the page with a matt medium.

Then I had to give it a title, so I called it After the April showers

The prompt on the second page I'm sharing says: It's raining colour
I stamped some raindrops using a stamp from Designs by Ryn, coloured them with twinkly paints and then added a wee white highlight with a white signo pen.
The black umbrella was already on the page, so I just decorated it and added a few drops of water in various colours.

As always, I enjoyed creating these pages and look forward to sharing them here each week.

Now, Wee Man and I started a new project a week ago.
We are rearing five Painted Lady caterpillars that we bought from Insect Lore

This is the pack we got

This was the size of the caterpillars on Day 1
Tiny huh?!

This is the size of them today! 
It's incredible how quickly they grow.
Once they become chrysalides we are to open the pot and put them into their net butterfly hotel (habitat)
And then we wait patiently until they develop into butterflies and after a couple of days we can set them free outdoors.
The speed in which these beautiful insects develop is holding Wee Man's attention because they are different every day. 
I will continue taking photographs and keep you updated as things progress.

We would like to link this to Moo-Mania & More where the theme is Butterflies :-D

Thanks for coming over and until next time, 
take care won't you?
{{Hugs}} Mo & Wee Man :-D xx


  1. WOW what a fantastic project Mo and Wee Man, i can see why you are both riveted to the jar. I am looking forward to seeing how they grow and then seeing them set free!

    Your Anti-Journal is awesome as always Mo, loving both pages especially the rain drops which fascinate me. i do like a bit of rain :-) xxx

  2. Lovely work in your journal,and I love the butterfly project, what a fantastic idea, I can imagine how fascinating it is! Have fun! Hugs, Valerie

  3. The flowers you gave us after the showers are beautiful. They make a beautiful addition to your journal. However, I was blown away by the water droplets you created above the umbrella. They look so REAL. Simply stunning.

    This looks like a FUN way to learn about nature, the life cycle of a butterfly, and keep Wee Man's attention, something that could have been a bit hard after the wonderful trip the two of you just took!

  4. Oh how one doth maketh thee chortle dearest friend. The joy of a good splutter is to be recommended at every given opportunity. Can you come back to Lancashire and we can splutter together xx

  5. Wow .. what a great project and you made a beautiful page!
    Thank you very much for joining us at Moo Manai & More!

  6. Your pages are great,Mo. I especially like your raindrops. Your Butterfly Garden looks amazing. I never knew you could do that. Wee Man must be so excited. I know I am I can't wait to see their progress.

  7. Wonderful butterfly project, thanks for linking to Moo Mania and More, hugs, Valerie

  8. I love your journal pages - the rain drops are amazing, and the little white highlights makes them look so real, what an inspired idea. I love the wild flowers, and the painterly effect of the background, just like a summer meadow. My step-grandchildren had the same butterfly kit and they loved it - I found it fascinating when the chrysalises hanging from the net started to wriggle just before they emerged - they looked like they were dancing to their own private music! I hope wee man continues to enjoy the magic!

  9. Wonderful artwork here.

    Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE

  10. Your journal pages are lovely...I thought your flowers looked 'real' and those raindrops too!
    What an exciting time you and Wee Man are having with the butterflies I'm sure. It is a magical metamorphosis and so beautiful to watch.
    Fun seeing you for more than T day ♥

  11. What a fantastic project for you both to watch the butterflies develop. I can't wait to see them bloom. Guess you will be showing us fully fledged ones in only a few days. I can quite see how your boy is enthralled with that. Love the page with the dried flowers ... even the clouds ... because you worked into the clouds and put them right to your eye. The raindrops look 3D and shiny ... not sure how you managed that but they look like they stand out from the page. Great stuff. Now off to see Karen's page. (My video thingy didn't work out ... I can't quite seem to load it as I watch it on my own media ... never mind you get the idea!!). Night night xx

  12. Your journal pages are wonderful! I think the grass and sky turned out beautifully on the first page and the coloured raindrops on the second one are such a clever idea (I love that Ryn stamp too).

    I am so impressed with the butterfly idea, they are my favourite creatures ever, so I am so pleased to be able to see them in this way - and what a wonderful way to teach Wee Man about the cycle of life. I am waiting with bated breath to see them 'transform' ! Hugs to you both, Anne xx

  13. Lovely pages! I especially like the one with the rain drops....even though I actually hate rain :-p

  14. I LOVE both pages! And never would have know you didn't intend for the sky to be any other way. The butterflies, what a wonderful living project! Thanks for the update. : ) Have a great one! x

  15. Oh what a lovely post :)

    I do enjoy seeing your pages..... your flowers are really pretty and methinks we might be needing an umbrella for the weekend! Those raindrops look so real:)

    What fun your butterfly kit is..... what a nice thing to share with Wee Man :) Please can we see photographs next week:)

    Karen x

  16. The butterfly project sounds fabulous, I wonder what you are feeding the caterpillars with? I ask because we tried to save a caterpillar in the very cold weather but he wouldn't eat any of the many leaves we offered.
    Oh and I like your art too, what fun you are having with this book.

  17. Beautiful journal pages... the first one has a dreamy effect which is lovely and those raindrops are fantastic.
    I've been so interested in your butterfly project and can't wait to see the outcome... no wonder Wee Man is captivated. Me too... I might have to buy myself a pot!
    Have a wonderful weekend xoxo
    Have a

  18. Gorgeous journal pages.
    How exciting to see those butterflies emerge. Oooo!
    Nature is wonderful isn't it?

  19. I just adore that water drop stamp, really need to get that.
    And what a neat project you are doing with wee man, my son would totally dig that too.


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