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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

By Wee Man ~ And Twinkle of Course

Our Holiday Adventure Part 2

and T stands for Toys and Treats

long, picture heavy post
We left Crewe train station on another Pendolino and headed for Manchester Piccadilly where we were due to meet Lynn Holland for the very first time. We were both very excited.

When we got off the train, we saw that Lynn's husband, Phillip was there to greet us as well; such a lovely surprise. It was so nice to give Lynn a hu-uge hug at last, and Wee Man was a real gentleman and shook their hands. And in Wee Man's own words, "It was very nice to meet such a nice lady with a beautiful smile." Awww

Wee Man was very eager to show Lynn his toy car that is the 'exact' replica of her own beloved VW Beetle, affectionately called Frida.

When we got to Hindle Pastures Barn, where we were going to stay, we saw that Helen was there and so was her husband Richard, our friends from Cardiff that we met last October. It was so nice to see them again and give them hugs.

Helen showed us around the huge house and we chose which bedroom we wanted. 
Wee Man 'made it our home'
and declared the bathroom, with it's shower 
and a big jacuzzi bath, big enough to have a party in, haha
We all ate together and Wee Man enjoyed his first jacuzzi bath then went to bed a little later.

On Monday we went to Lynn's and then we went to Animal Quackers Petting Farm
Lynn said that the goats were very gentle when they took food from her hand
and the wee lambs were very cute too.
Later on we went to Falinge Play park where Wee Man had lots of fun on a metal digger in the sand pit

Back at 'The Hindle' Wee Man enjoyed talking to the people looking after some horses there. He learnt several of the horses names and found out that a couple of them are over 25 years old.
Bertie & Lily

On Tuesday we went to one of Lynn's favourite places, Park Farm Shop & Tea Room for lunch.
We all had different things and it was all perfectly cooked. 
Wee Man enjoyed a banana milkshake in a vintage style milk bottle.
I bet my T on Tuesday friends will  like this image.
Look girls, no cake!! 
Then he went out to play whilst Lynn, Helen and I had teas and coffees and chatted, (still no cake. weren't we good?!).
In the evening we all went for a walk across the moor.  
We fed the fish in the Hindle pond and laughed at the ducks chasing each other around.

Thanks for sticking around if you've reached this far, I honestly hadn't realised how much there was to tell you, I do hope you aren't bored with this long tale. We've only ever had adventures 2 and 3 days long before so 8 days has made a big difference, and we do thank you for staying around with us {{Hugs}} :-D 

Part 3 coming soon

Love from Wee Man :-D
and Twinkle of Course 


  1. What a wonderful post!Love the photos!Enjoy yourself!

  2. What a gorgeous house that is, I like the vintage milk as well, very cute and coming back into vogue again. Wee man looks like he is having a ton of fun
    Bridget #1

  3. What a really fun and lovely adventure you all had! I would not have wanted to leave those precious goats:):) And no cake? You must have made up for it by now:) Happy T day!

  4. Sounds like a most excellent trip! The milkshake in the milk jar does look delicious.

  5. Now I know what a moor looks like. Thanks to Wee Man for sharing it with me.

    Of course, I adored every minute of this adventure so far. Making sure that Wee Man had fun and a good time must have been wonderful for BOTH of you. He sure got to do a lot of wonderful and fun things and was exposed to some very unique experiences.

    Wee Man's milkshake was a fun addition to T this week, and we want to thank you Wee Man for sharing it with us. What a week (and milkshake) to remember!

  6. Wonderful photos of your adventures, you have visited lots of great places. But what is good about not having cake?! Love the place where you stayed! Hugs, Valerie

  7. You are a really good story writer Mo and the pictures all so good too.
    What a pleasure it was for us both to get to meet you abc Wee Man at last and very emotional as well.
    Looking forward to the next instalment xxx

  8. What a great adventure for wee man and for you too Mo. What a lovely looking house and very posh with your own jacuzzi bath. It looks like you had wonderful weather too.

  9. Sounds like an absolute wonderful time Mo - my kind of holiday :)

  10. Never bored, because you make me feel like I've been on a trip, too :) Thx!

  11. Great post Mo!! LOVE the pictures as well as the story about them.
    Wee Man's milk shake looks so yummy, bet he enjoyed each drop of it.
    Happy T-day and thanks for the visit.

  12. Hello and Happy T Day! I loved your post, always fun to see places others visit and/or live too. Sounds like you had a great time and what a pretty room to stay in. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a lovely time you've had in such a special place.
    Cute goats and let there be cake!!! ;-)
    Thank you for sharing your photos.
    Happy T Day to you both

  14. OMGosh! I loved this! What a great time and I loved hearing all about it. I would have had cake, but then I don't have a lot of willpower in that area--LOL! Such a wonderful visit!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  15. You can probably guess, I am reading these posts back to front - haha! I LOVE the room you stayed in and I agree with Wee Man about the bathroom, it is fabulous! You certainly packed a lot into your few days but I am so glad that you both enjoyed it so much! Big hugs, Anne xxx

  16. You are having an amazing time... It all sounds as though it is going so fabulously, and the chance to meet up with people in person is pretty special... I am loving reading about it all...xx

  17. So happy you are having such a grand time!!! The milk shake sounds yummy and I agree with Little Man that is a big bathroom :)

  18. Sounds like a marvelous holiday! Love all the pictures of wee man, and the places you've visited. Great photo of the milkshake in a vintage bottle too...quite unique!

  19. If 'd have known you were coming to Piccadilly Station i would have met up with you for a coffee as it is only a few miles from my house! If there is a next time you visit do let me know as would love to meet up even for an hour.

    What a fantastic place you got to stay in, agree about the bathroom it is huge lol. Loving that Wee Man had such a wonderful time, you can see how well he made himself at home lol.

    Off to read part three :-) xxx

  20. Such a treat! The long trip AND meeting up with friends. I meant to say in the first part, that I can't believe Jack is already two!!!


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