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Monday, April 13, 2015

By Wee Man ~ And Twinkle of Course

Our Holiday Adventure Part 1

Wee Man and I went away for eight days. Where did we go? We went to Market Drayton in Shropshire to see family and we went to Whitworth in Lancashire to meet new friends.

We had a fantastic time! 

We went from Inverness airport on a Flybe aeroplane and landed at Birmingham International Airport.
We had to get on a shuttle bus to get to the actual airport building and collect our suitcases,
then we went on a computer operated monorail to Birmingham New Street train station, 
(picture courtesy of Google as it was too dark to get a photo)

where we caught a Virgin Pendolino train to Crewe. The Pendolino is Wee Man's favourite train in England, 'because it goes very fast and usually has 11 carriages'. 

At Crewe we got a taxi to my daughter's flat that she shares with her partner and two year old Jack. It was well past midnight because the plane had been delayed for two hours, so my grandson Jack was in bed. Wee Man and I were quite tired and hungry but we just had some breakfast cereal and went to bed just after 1:00am. 

Over the next few days we went to a soft play centre, 
had a ride in a fancy lift, (elevator)
had lunch in a nice restaurant
and went to Chester Zoo;
we heard this male lion roar, it was so loud and completely awe-inspiring.
That was a firm favourite part of the visit but Wee Man's favourite was seeing the giraffes
The tallest was about 4.5meters tall and the baby, which was born on 23rd December 2014, was about two meters tall.
We bought a soft toy giraffe in the gift shop and called her Geraldine.
And of course, we went on different buses and trains.
Wee Man & Jack watching the buses

On Sunday morning Logan & Jack got to find and enjoy some little Easter eggs
whilst the packing was done.
We left at 1:15pm to go to Crewe train station for the next part of our adventure.

Love from Wee Man :-D
and Twinkle of course xoxo


  1. Wonderful photos, looks like you two adventurers got to see and do lots of things. How exciting to hear the lion roar! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Looks and sounds like you both had a wonderful time and are intrepid explorers for sure. Looking forward to seeing the second half of your holiday.

  3. What a fantastic journey you've had. Trains, planes, and buses, oh my! That restaurant looked fun. And of course, the Zoo is always a favorite. Now Wee Man has Geraldine as a reminder of the trip, too.

    I'm so in awe of those soft play centers. I've said this before, there are very few in the US and most people may not even know what they are. Had Wee Man not explained them to me, I would never have investigated.

    Glad you had a good Easter. Look forward to the second leg of your trip soon!

  4. Oh that was so exciting. All the different forms of transport Logan, I'd like to go on the the computer operated monorail.
    Seeing the giraffes must have been amazing and It was lovely meeting Geraldine for real xxx

  5. Geraldine is a perfect name as I went to school with a girl called that and she was very tall with long legs and a bizarrely long neck!

  6. WOW what a start to your journey, great to read that you all had a fantastic time. Am off for part two..,. :-) xxx

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip! So fun to hunt eggs and ride on all those different buses. : ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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