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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

T Stands for...........

................more cake and a lovely cup of coffee.

Hello there, I am very happy to be able to join in with T Stands for Tea on Tuesday with Elizabeth and the rest of the T gang this week, And as the title suggests I have been indulging in more cake eating - well I did admit that I find it hard to resist and it has been two weeks since my last slice. Gosh I sound like I'm in a confessional don't I, hehehe ;) 

Anyway, to get back on track - I got to borrow my friends car whilst she was away on a course, so I took my son out to a lovely place a few miles out of town called Logie Steading. I chose this place because not only do they have an amazing second-hand bookshop, a gallery, a whisky shop and a garden shop, to name but a few, they also have a wonderful Cafe. 

The Whisky shop exterior.

A new shop opened just a few weeks ago called Cairngorm Leaf and Bean. This shop sells loose and bagged teas, hot chocolate and fresh coffee beans too. They sell paraphernalia for tea and coffee drinkers and the aroma as you walk in is just delightful!

We browsed and sniffed and went to the cafe, (The Olive Tree Cafe), where we went upstairs and sat in comfort to enjoy our refreshments and discuss our choices.
Freshly brewed coffee and coffee cake.
My blog header is a photo I took of this wall decoration in the Olive Tree Cafe, I was delighted to see it and couldn't resist getting a snap of it.

After looking around the book shop, we went back to make our purchases.

One of my buys was the most flavourful peppermint tea I have ever had. I chose to get the ready bagged version which are pyramid shaped in some amazing gossamer light substance I've not seen before. i could drink this all day, hehe.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the other tea peeps are sharing this week.

I shan't be able to join in next week as I will be away on holiday with wee Man. So until we meet again, take care and thanks for popping in.
{{Hugs}} :o)) Mo x



  1. Looks like a delightful place not just to eat and sip but also to shop:) I just had a spearmint tea when out to lunch and loved it!! Wishing you a wonderful holiday week! Happy T day too.

  2. Gosh, Mo. I'm going to miss you, but maybe it will give me a chance to catch up on your blog, your anti-journal, and your antics.

    Both you and Chris have reminded me that many garden shops also have cafes in the UK. Here in the midwest, where I live, there are no cafes in garden shops. That may not be true in other parts of the country, but it sure is here.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time when you visited these lovely places. Those tea pots were really lovely. And that tea sounds great! I made some of my own peppermint tea, but I thought it was rather flat. Maybe it was the way I grew it (grin). Yours with the fancy bags looks better than mine, that's for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your day, coffee, and cake with us for T this week.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely outing and the peppermint tea sounds wonderful ♥

  4. Sounds like a wonderful place to be! When I was small my great Uncle had a warehouse for imported tea and coffee sorts, and used to roast the coffee in copper pans in his shop, and I got hooked on the wonderful smells! Hugs, Valerie

  5. I like your new header.
    Yes we need our coffee and cake in this freezing weather. The place you describe sounds just the thing - books, coffee/tea and cake - what more could we ask for?

  6. I love when you post about Logie Steading having been there myself.
    I've got a few teas you might like to try when you get here Mo xxx

  7. What a fun outing! Those iron tea pots are striking, and the cake looks yummy. The tea and books would've been tempting for me; I couldn't have walked out empty-handed :)

  8. What a wonderful looks and sounds like really special fun ...
    add cake too yum yum!
    Your Peppermint tea looks lovely.
    Wishing you and Little Man a wonderful holiday
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy
    and Happy T Day

  9. What a wonderful day out! There is (probably) nothing better than browsing books and tea--except maybe eating cake! Hope you have a fun holiday with Wee Man!

  10. Hello and Happy T Day! What a cute little place to visit, I enjoyed all the photos. Now I'm hungry for cake and don't have any. Enjoy your vacation.

  11. Looks like a great area to browse and have a cup of something. I like your header.


  12. wow. I would be in trouble with so many shops together and all the wonderful things to see and smell. especially the book shop.and the cake. A fun outing-thanks for taking us along. Have a great time on holiday!

  13. Love that coffee image on your header. Looks like a great place that you visited.
    Have a great holiday and happy T day!

  14. Such a wonderful place to sit with a book and have some tea!
    Happy T day and enjoy your vacation

  15. Great header and what amazing shops -- great that you share all this with us! Thank you!
    Happy T-Day!

  16. Oh, I would be inside that shop sucking up the smells in a heartbeat! Enjoy your vacation! Happy T-Day! :)

  17. I like your confession, it just means I don't have to feel bad about eating cake too! I love the look of the shop and café and you certainly seem to have enjoyed it all. Hope you and wee man have a wonderful holiday! Hugs, Anne xx

  18. That tea looks interesting. I love that library, they always look so cosy
    Bridget #1

  19. Happy Tday Twinks! and Wee Man! Loved going on your adventure with you. Pyramid tea bags.. I have heard of them but i've never seen them in person..they sound fascinating.Enjoy your get away with Wee Man. Hugs! deb

  20. Mmmmm, peppermint is one of my favorite teas! We are off on vacation next week too! Hope you share some pics of yours, as will I!

  21. What a fun outing for you both. Like E, there aren't any garden shops with cafes around here either. It would be a favorite hang-out for me, if there was.

    Have a great time on you holiday, take lots of photos for the rest of us that have to stay home......grin

    Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog this week.

  22. Remember to dry your tea bags and keep them for crafting, the pyramid shaped ones are not easy to find! Your outing looked so much fun, your new header is awesome, love the shapes, looks like wire work.

    Hope both you and Wee Man have a fabulous holiday and we get to share some of your favourite moments when you get back.

    Hugs :-) xxx

  23. Happy Tday Twinks! and Wee Man! Loved your post!

  24. Wonderful post and I enjoyed all the pictures.

    Hugs diane

  25. How lovely, and the peppermint tea sounds de-vine!


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