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trivial, feeble, silly, or tedious talk or writing.
verb (used without object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
2. to talk in a trivial, feeble, silly, or tedious manner; prate.
verb (used with object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
3. to utter as twaddle.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Anti Journal

Social Experiment

The prompt I used this week was to send a message to my friends:-
What are you thinking right now? This is a social experiment for my Anti Journal
And then I was to record the responses. I sent my message via Facebook and waited to see if anyone would respond. Well the response was magnificent, and much more than I had dared to hope I would get. 
I ended up with two A4 sheets printed out in a small font to fit the whole conversation on, (saving on printer ink dontcha know), otherwise it was four pages of text. 
I then wrote out in smallish print, as much as I could to fill both my journal pages, taking over the next prompt, 'Highlighter Pens' page too.

I had the idea to use highlighter pens to highlight the end of each response and to respect privacy I have used only initials of respondents, except my own. Since I took this photo I have stuck a clear envelope onto one of the pages here and inserted the two printed sheets showing the full conversation.
I have already expressed my thanks, but would like to say again, a BIG thank you to all my Facebook friends who responded and took part.

Karen and Carolyn will be showing their latest, Wreck this Journal, pages today/tomorrow, so I shall be visiting them too. Feel free to follow along.

Thanks for visiting and until next time, take care won't you {{Hugs}} :o) Mo x


  1. Oh how sad that your blogging friends didn't get the chance to join in:( However i am so pleased that your FB friends came through and you have some wonderful entries for your Anti-journal!

    I am still so impressed with your Anti-Journal antics, they seem to be inspiring you and making you happy. We all need a bit of HAPPY! :-) xxx

  2. Glad so many people responded! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Such a wonderful idea, you now have a piece of history on what all those wonderful people were thinking at that time. Fascinating! Well done for doing this Mo.

  4. Clever and a labor of love. : )

  5. What a fascinating Social Experiment.
    Your facebook friends certainly came up with some interesting replies.

  6. You know we like a challenge Mo xxx

  7. What a great idea!! I love following the progress of this anti journal!! I'm still planning/hoping to start my own soon!!

  8. A wonderful idea, great handwriting.

  9. That was some challenge Mo but you nailed it beautifully.
    I love to see handwriting (call me nosy because I am) It could be a lost art if we're not careful.
    Have a great Sunday... enjoy!

  10. This looks like fun. Great idea for journal pages.
    Thanks for following me. I have done the same.

  11. What a wonderful idea.... I love how this page turned out. I love playing with highlighter pens!

    I do love the challenges in your book!

    Karen x

  12. This is wonderful, Mo. And your use of the colorful highlighters made the pages so colorful. I had to enlarge the pages and read the responses. I can see why you were pleased with the many reactions you got. This was wonderful and colorful, too.


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate every one of them ((hugs)) :-))

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