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Monday, March 16, 2015

T Stands for.............

Treats on Tuesday

And this weeks treat was a delicious piece of carrot cake that my hubby brought home for me - even tho' I'm trying to watch that my weight does not creep any higher - he's not helping! 
I could have said, "No thanks" right?
Wrong. I cannot say no to carrot cake. I struggle to say no to almost any cake, but carrot cake is my favourite. So of course I scoffed it and I enjoyed it. It was a very good one, but I got back on track the next day. Sorry to bore you with that. People watching their weight can be real food bores I know, so I do try not to be,
Anyhoo, enough twaddle on that subject; here is a photo of said indulgence alongside a lovely cup of Twinings, Winter Spice, tea, 

I am sharing this with other the Tea on Tuesday suppers hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard.

Craft-wise this week I have been doing some more work in my Anti-Journal and taking part in Boo's 'De-stash Now' challenge that she hosts every Saturday. You can create anything you like, but you have to use at least one item that you've been hoarding, holding on to for at least one year. 
You may not have seen these cards before as I only linked up on Facebook, because it's quicker. If you want to join in, feel free and we can visit each other to see what old stash we are all using up. 

I made these from card kits that I started collecting in 2012 and didn't use, so Boo's challenge idea, was  the perfect nudge. In fact a friend had her birthday at the weekend just passed, so she got one of these cards from me, Yay for de-stashing!

So if you would like to join in with either event, just click on the links and see what they're all about.

Until next time, thanks for looking and TTFN
{{Hugs}} :o) Mo x


  1. I know what you mean about favourite cake, devil to decline something so delicious!!! Little and often Mo...

    Loving your tea, looks fab as do the de stash cards. Love it when i can use stash up:-) xxx

  2. Our wedding cake almost 34 years ago was carrot cake. I think you have great taste. Life is short...Enjoy! Lovely cards!

  3. What I would do to get a nice carrot cake now, I'll just lick my screen. Those cards are really sweet and what a great way to use hoarded stuff, I should try that prompt as well.
    Bridget #4

  4. I also love carrot cake - yummie.. wonderful card as well!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. Carrot cake is always hard to resist, glad you enjoyed it. Lovely cards, too! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Hello and happy T Day! Carrot cake is my favorite too, wish I had some now. Lovely cards!

  7. I always ask for carrot cake on my birthday. It's my favorite. You have made me truly hungry for it, too. What's so great about it is, it's got to be made from scratch. A boxed cake mix just wouldn't cut it! BTW, your tea sounds pretty decadent, too.

    I think your cards are gorgeous. I agree that it's time to destash. I'll do that once I finish this AB that has truly taken over my life (grin).

    Thanks for joining in for T this Tuesday with your yummy carrot cake, tea, and beautiful cards.

  8. I wrote a long rambling comment then deleted it by accident so I'm just going to say Madeira cake with blueberries and Betty's Tearoom Assam tea xxx

  9. Oh, your tea sounds like the perfect blend for that delicious looking carrot cake! Nothing wrong with enjoying in moderation:) Such pretty cards-so glad you found these kits to share. Happy T day!

  10. I wouldn't be able to pass up the cake either. I like the idea of a use up your stash challenge. Your cards are great.


  11. yum, cake! I'm trying to avoid it, but I mean, it's cake right? lol. It's easier to say no to things with walnuts as I'm allergic (late onset allergies, gotta love 'em). Your tea looks delicious too. The cards are lovely, and kudos on breaking into your stash : ).

  12. Your cards are lovely-always a good idea to de-stash, and you can never have too many cards on hand! As for cake, wow. Looks yummy! I am jealous! happy T day! ♣

  13. I can't say "no" to carrot cake either...LOL and my stretchy jeans are stretched to the max, so I've been working on that part of my life too.

    Beautiful cards, I really like the image on the red card.

    Happy T-day and thanks for the comment you left this week.

  14. Now that carrot cake does look delish!!! I can never pass up on cake either. Nice looking cards also . I need to work on de-stashing also... It's way out of control over here :)

  15. Can you believe... carrot cake is the one cake i do not like .. I think perhaps its because in my carrot cake recipe it calls for one whole cup of oil... and then when i eat it thats all i can taste...the oil.. Hubby loves it , everybody loves it but all i get is oil.. weird.. I love seeing your cards Twinks . You did a great job! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  16. Ummmm! Carrot cake! How can you resist--right!
    Cute cards and what a great idea to use up old stash.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  17. Yumm...mmm carrot cake,
    Quite right not to say no to it.. it would be impolite and your hubby might stop bringing/showing you with gifts.
    What a brilliant idea to clear the decks... or should that read desks?
    Beautiful cards too (((hugs to you too)))

  18. What a lovely post this was to read... And the photo of that carrot cake made my mouth water...grin. I too am watching the numbers on the scale getting smaller, but I also hate people who sound like the food police and I absolutely indulge for stuff that is worth it... Like carrot cake! I love your cards and I also like the idea of using something I've been hoarding for a year (or six?, ten?!) big giant smile, so I may just be checking out this site too. phone to back again next week!!

  19. Carrot cake is my favorite too. Being in India I'm worried about my weight gain too. Here the staple food is rice and that's like taking in a lot of carbs.
    Both the cards you have made look wonderful
    have a great week

  20. Love the cards! I totally understand about the carrot of my favs!

  21. Sorry for my lateness, we have the lurgy here... I love carrot cake too and from dieter to another, I feel your pain! I could not have refused it either!

    Your cards are beautiful Mo, I love them both and well done for using hoarded stuff too! Hugs, Anne xx

  22. Oh yum! I too adore carrot cake (and my hubby seems to NOT help me as well.)lol Lovely cards, hard to pick a fave. I could start a business if I de-stashed my paper hoard! ;D

  23. Your cards and cake look lovely..... a little of what you fancy...... :)



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