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verb (used with object), twad·dled, twad·dling.
3. to utter as twaddle.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sketch into Spring: #4 Illustrate the stages of growth.

When I first saw this prompt, I thought, Whaaat!? And when I saw what other people in the Flickr group had done, I felt very intimidated. In fact, I nearly skipped this prompt altogether ((hanging head))
But yesterday was a beautiful bright day and my hubby had just potted up our tomato plants when I saw the buds and some wee flowers and some immature fruit and remembered I had some tomatoes on the vine in my kitchen. *Light bullb!* Lol. I took several photos and then took more photo's of my strawberries that are also just beginning to flower and produce immature fruit there too! Hmm, maybe I'd do both!
I didn't. But I may have a go at doing the strawberries this evening; I don't know yet.

I used a pencil to lightly sketch, then went over it with a fine liner pen and then coloured with my watercolour pencils and an aqua brush. 
I am quite pleased with the results. Whodathnunk?! Lol. I'm really looking forward to the next one, which is, 'Get loose'. Intrigued? Well you can either join in and check it out, go through the flickr images or wait and see what I come up with, hehe. 

But until next time............
.......thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' *hugs*


  1. Your sketches put a big smile on my face. You draw very, very well. No need to be intimidated. You ROCK!!

    1. Oh wow, thank you SO much Elizabeth, you have made me smile big *hug* :D

  2. Your sketches are really good, well done Mrs Twinkle! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you so much Valerie, you're very kind *hugs* :o)

  3. I don't know why you worry I love your drawing and I think your colouring is really good.
    Now can you please stop tempting me I'm supposed to be cleaning, tidying and gardening
    Lynn x x x

    1. Thank you again Lynn, for the encouragement. So sorry to be tempting you, that was not my intent. Now get back to that duster! xx

  4. You're always so brave Mo, bravo to you for stepping outside your comfort one, AND doing it so well!


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