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3. to utter as twaddle.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Q & L Challenge number 23

The words from The Craft Barn this fortnight are Journey and Friendship. I can hardly believe we're almost at the end of this year long challenge; I wonder what's in store for us next ;)

For this time, I chose to use Journey and have made a one line drawing; not a thousand miles long, but then I doubt I would have had enough ink for that, (hehe) ;)

I used distress inks for the colouring and the stickers are from a chit-chat pack I have and I hand wrote the words I don't have stickers for. The quote, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, is by Lao Tzu, who was a philosopher and poet of ancient China.

Please follow the link above if you would like to see more work related to this challenge.

And until next time..............
.........have a fabulous weekend, and thanks for popping by to say 'Hi' ((hugs)) Mo :o) x


  1. I like the naïve quality of this. It's a very atmospheric sky you've created.

  2. Hi Mo, hope Wee Man is doing well he's been a tad quiet of late, as have you.

    Such a lovely mix of hand written and stickered words, a fantastic and inspirational quote. Love your background and your hand drawn futuristic buildings are awesome. Do you have lightening coming off the top of your tallest one, looks like it & a fab touch.

    Enjoy your weekend:-) xxx

  3. I've enjoyed seeing what you created this time, and I was definitely impressed with the combination of stickers and hand writing. Your background is gorgeous. I DO love that line you created, even if it's not 1000 miles long (grin). BTW, I have that quote on a small piece of art I own. However, mine reads "a single step." This was new to me.

    Hope wee man is doing well. Hope you are, too. Have a lovely weekend, dear.

  4. Lovely fun tag. Great idea with the one line drawing :)

  5. Love your one line drawing, interesting concept too, for a great tag and a good quote!

  6. Love your line drawing and your birdie looks great on his tree!!

  7. like a little houses, mo but my favorite on this one is the bird sitting in the tree

  8. Great fun to make a one line drawing! Reminds me of Etch-a-Sketch :D. Love the quote too.

  9. Love that quote and I love your beautiful tag too, especially the bird in the tree! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. I can't believe that those words have come up for you, they are so relevant to you and your meeting with Helen.
    Well done my friend on your interpretation.
    Love Lynn xxx

  11. A one line drawing! - that's so clever. I like the tall houses and your shapely bird sitting quietly on his tree.

  12. Now that I finally finished mine, I'm coming around to visit everyone, and what do I find? We chose the exact same quote this week! I like your line drawing and especially the colorful sky!

  13. A very clever one line drawing. I would not be able to think ahead of what I am drawing so would forget a door! A lovely tag.

  14. I love the childlike drawing and the variation of written text and stickers.

  15. Love your drawing! Great tag and quote! xx

  16. A very clever way to illustrate your quote. The little bird in the tree made me smile.

  17. I had a Flickr account but can't access it since they did the changes... Still I was able to look at your Risk page and I loved the Zentangle type design and the quote is very true!


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