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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

By Wee Man

My Adventure to Cardiff

Hello everyone, Wee Man here :-D  I went to Wales last week and it was such fun. I have got some pictures to show you from some of the things I did in Cardiff. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales.

Here I am waiting for our plane to come.

At last we're off to Bristol. 
We went to Bristol because the plane didn't go straight to Cardiff. When we got to Bristol we got the A1 bus to Bristol Temple Meads train station. 

Then we got the Great Western train to Cardiff Central train station and that's where we met Helen. 
We went to Premier Inn at Pentwyn and that's where we slept. 

On Tuesday I went to the biggest soft play centre in the UK. It is called Jump Cardiff.

I had such fun there and we went again on Wednesday afternoon for a wee while. 

I had a fantastic time in Cardiff but I was excited to go home again. 

We sat beside the wing on the way to Cardiff and on the way home as well. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my adventure to Cardiff. I'll see you next time.
Bye for now!  :-D


  1. Sounds like you had a fab time going to meet Helen, Wee Man! I love sitting over the wing of the airplane too!

  2. Wow! It looks like you had a great time and Jump Cardiff looks a lot of fun.

  3. I loved seeing and hearing all about your wonderful trip to Cardiff. I bet the plane trips were fantastic and that soft play area looked like it would be lots of fun! So pleased to hear that you really enjoyed your trip. Big hugs, Anne xx

  4. Sounds like a grand time! A cool looking bus you got to ride too, plus the plane. Fun times indeed!

  5. How exciting! What a fantastic time.
    You've got some great photos to keep, so that you can always remember your trip
    Jump Cardiff looks brilliant fun ;D

  6. What fun pictures and post.

    Hugs diane

  7. Wow, Wee Man. I learn something new each time I visit. I've never heard of "soft play centers." I don't think we have them here in the US. So glad you had fun.

    Sounds like a trip to remember, both in photos and memories. I enjoyed seeing and reading about your trip. Thanks for taking us along.

    1. There probly is soft play centres in America but maybe you don't know if you don't have small kids.
      Thank you :-D

  8. Wow, Logan... you had a huge adventure. You rode on a plane, a bus and a train. What fun!! Did you like flying? Jump Cardiff looks like loads of fun. Thanks for the photos of your trip.

    1. You are very welcome and it was fun. I did like riding on the plane the train & the bus :-D

  9. Your comment about me not having children is correct, and since I have never heard of soft play, I went to the internet. There are lots in the UK, but not many in the US.

    One group has one in 5 different states, but that is the only US based company I could find. Some companies sell home based soft play equipment that ranges from$150.00 to over $2000.00 USD. That is equal to 93.2702 GBP or British pounds to 1,243.60 GBP. These are individual pieces sold to individual like your folks/grands who want a soft play piece in their own home.

    Like I said, there are only 5 in the US and they are in big cities, like Dallas, TX and Detroit, MI. Your grandmother can show you on a map where these are, if you are interested.

    Thanks for your comment, because it piqued my interest enough to do an internet search for soft play centers. Most were called soft play CENTRES, the way you spell the word and were found in the UK. So it's no wonder I haven't heard of soft play centers before. Not just because I don't have kids, but because these centers aren't popular in the US like they seem to be in the UK. Second, I live in a part of the country (right in the middle) that gets all the latest and greatest about 2 years after the east and west coasts.

  10. What an amazing adventure! Love the photo over the wing of the plane.

  11. Hahaha, Logan it was good fun in jump wasn't it!


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