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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tea on Tuesday and some

 Holiday Bits n Bobs

Hi everyone, Wee Man here :D 
Me and granny are back from a few days holiday in Edinburgh, so we would like to share a few photos with you.
This is where we stayed. The staff were really nice and friendly.
Granny liked the tea and coffee things in our room. 
One night granny had fish and chips and I had
We really enjoyed going on the trams
and we went past the depot. 
There are 26 trams in Edinburgh and we found out that they can travel at 43mph (70kmh).
We went to a Build A Bear Workshop
where I made Goldie the Golden Retriever and High Springer the Springer Spaniel.
I loved seeing this bus; we didn't get to go on it, but we might next time.
I also enjoyed diving into the ball pit at Gambado's soft play centre.

Well that's all for now; I hope you enjoyed these pictures. 
Granny will share this post with Elizabeth and her tea friends and she said she will do another blog post to show you some more photos of our holiday. I hope that's ok.

Bye for now

Hugs, Wee Man

and granny too :D


  1. I am SO glad you shared your trip and holiday with us for T this week Wee Man. It looks like it was a lot of fun and that pizza looks delicious. You sure know how to make me hungry.

    Ah, another soft play area. I swear, I hadn't heard of them until I saw it on your blog. I'm so glad you introduced me to them, because they are only in a very few select cities in the US.

    I was surprised that the trams don't go faster than they do. It must be a safety issue.

    Of course, what got me really excited was the Build a Bear. I've never seen one of their workshops in real life, but know a few of my internet friends who have been to some. I was told they put felt hearts in each one, but maybe they only did it at one of the places and maybe it was for the girl who they made it for. You were lucky and got TWO. Wow! That would be like an early Christmas present.

    Thanks for sharing Granny's tea and coffee bar in your room, and all the food and fun you had on your trip for T this Tuesday.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time in Edinburgh and took lots of fun photos, too. Have a good week and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh it seems you both enjoyed your trip to Edinburgh! Great photos!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. Haha, It is the first visit to your blog and I hadn't realized it had been written from Wee Man's point of view! I was wondering what was so special about a bus or a tram unless you grew up in the desert. So you got me smiling big time!
    The bears are gorgeous! Clever you to make one of those. I didn't know that existed.
    Thanks for sharing your visit. I enjoyed it too.

  5. Drinking my tea while I am reading about your wonderful adventure in Edinburgh Wee Man.
    I didn't know you could build a dog in the bear shop, thank you for telling me. I really like your two and I think I will have a dog instead of a bear with my birthday money.
    I've never been to Edinburgh and it looks like a really good place to visit. I better put it on my to do list.
    We saw some dinky toy buses on Sunday when we visited an antique centre and we thought of you. Your little voice popped into mind saying "ooh granny look at the buses".
    Glad you had a good trip and thanks for telling us about it.
    Love Lynn and Philip xx

  6. what a fun trip! Looks like the weather cooperated -and that's always a good thing. I'd love to visit Scotland one day so thanks for sharing. We have 'Build a Bear' stores here in the states and in my area-aren't they fun? The food looks really good, especially the fish and chips.Sweet little drawing at the end of the post too.Happy T day to you and Granny!

  7. Wee Man, It looks like you had a wonderful trip. I think you have the best granny ever. I think Goldie is my favorite of your new treasures.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your time in Edinburgh with all of us, Wee Man! Looks like you and Granny had a fabulous time. Big hugs to you both.

  9. So much fun! Love your pictures from the adventure.
    Happy T day!

  10. Hello and Happy T Day! How cute this post was from weeman's view. Thank you for sharing the fun of your trip through his eyes and thoughts. I LOVE the Build A Bear shop, we've made several bears and dogs there. Glad all went well on the trip.

  11. Hi Wee Man! It looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip--thank you for sharing all your photos! My daughter used to like ball pits when she was your age, too!
    Happy T Day to you and Granny!

  12. I loved taking a virtual vacation with you and your granny :) I'd have been hard-pressed to choose between your food choices. It all looks delicious! Happy T Tuesday!

  13. Aren't you lucky travelers!
    Edinburgh is such a beautiful and special city.
    Happy you had such a good time.
    Those puppies are wonderful.
    Happy T Day to you and your dear granny.
    oxo from Virginia which is just outside the capital of the United States (Washington DC)

  14. Well done Wee Man!! Your trip looked very interesting, love your Goldie and High Springer....too cute!
    Looks like you were having fun in the ball pit, my grandkids love them too.
    Happy T-day

  15. Wonderful pictures of your holiday! Love the 'Build a Bear' grandchildren have done that too...they loved it. The Tram looks exciting, as I live in the country and we don't have anything like that near us. Thank you for sharing your fun with us! P.S. I love pizza too!

  16. Great holiday - the tram ride is good fun, glad you enjoyed it.
    The ball pit always looks like fun, I would like to play there but they say I'm too old (what a cheek!).
    Say hi to Granny and tell her I love her new header (I think it's new).

  17. Wowzers Wee Man, you and Granny do have THE most fantastic holidays! Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and I have enjoyed seeing the bits that you enjoyed best. I love the dogs that you made and that pizza looks fabulous (one of my favourites). It must have been so great seeing all those buses and trams!! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us! Hugs, Anne xxx

  18. Wow Wee Man, it sounds as though you had a great time in Edinburgh - we were there a few weeks ago but we didn't get to do any of the things you did! I would have loved to build a dog! Happy T day! Chrisx

  19. Looks like a wonderful time Wee Man. I think your granny is pretty special to take you on such a great trip. When my granddaughter was young we went to a Bear Building event too. I like both of your dogs very much. Good job!

  20. What a wonderful trip, Wee Man! And PIZZA has to be one of my favorite foods! I love the dogs that you made at Build-a-Bear. I have some nieces and nephews who have had the pleasure of going to such a place and they really liked it when they went, too. Thank you for sharing! Please tell Granny hello for all of us! :-)

  21. Oh my Wee Man... I'm so late visiting you that you'll probably be going on another holiday soon. I love to see your fun pictures full of great things.
    When I lived in Australia I used to travel on the trams all of the time. They're great aren't they?
    I also made a Labrador as a friend for Muffy to play with. She has a good wrestle with it.
    You certainly had fun with Granny and that ball pit looks brilliant. I'm wondering if Granny dived in too ;D

  22. Oh lucky you..... I'd love to see Edinburgh one day. All that food is making me feel hungry!

    I love your dogs that you 'built' so cute.

    How nice for granny to have such a wonderful trip with you.... hope you get to go on that bus next time.

    Karen x

  23. Edinburgh is an inspiring place!Love your photos.Hope you had a good time!Happy T day

  24. What a fabulous trip! Wish I could visit there! LOVE the doggies!!!

  25. brings back memories of last year... Edinburgh is such a wonderful City (except the rain, haha). have a great T day!

  26. What a fun trip! All the coffee stuff looks good to this grandma, too. Happy T Day! :)

  27. Looks like you had a great trip ♥ Thanks for sharing it with us and your photos are fantastic :)


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