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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Craft Barn

Calendar Challenge - August

Hello everyone

Today I am here to share my calendar page for The Craft Barn's Calendar Challenge
We are, as you know, in August, (already!) and the words for this month are Pink & Butterflies.

Again I managed to make good use of my gelatos. I smooshed my  Bubble Gum and Guava gelatos onto a sheet of watercolour paper with a baby wipe. Once dry, I used a butterfly punch and glued them onto the calendar page. Using my silver pen I stencilled the month, wrote my quote and added some pink washi tape.

I would also like to share some more of my Picasso inspired art pieces. 
and another Modigliani inspired picture
I'm having so much fun creating these; I hope you enjoy seeing them, (I have more on the boil lol).

Thank you so much for visiting.
Until next time,
be well and be happy {{Hugs}} Mo :o) x



  1. They are all fabulous Mo! But my faves are the Picasso ones! It's hard to believe we're in the middle of August already. Packing for college for the youngest, wish me luck!

  2. Your calendar page is wonderful, Mo. Really fun to see the butterflies, and I like the way you made them. I still haven't seen a gelato, but I like how you used yours.

    Your other art is also fun. I so enjoyed seeing the various artwork you created. I can tell you are having fun with this project and what you are learning will serve you well in the future.

  3. Wonderful art today. especially love the Picasso inspired art. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Fabulous art! I love smooshing things around on my art pages too.

  5. Love your Picasso inspirations.......I'm one that always like Picasso.
    Gelatos are one of my favorite go-tos, such a variety of things that can be done with them.
    Thanks for the T-day visit and the comment.....have a great weekend!

  6. The butterflies look neon pink and jump out of the black page! Nice to see you enjoying your Picasso inspired art...

  7. Your calendar is beautiful with those gorgeous pink butterflies and I LOVE the Picasso inspired birds, I think the great man himself would have been impressed! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Sentimentally I love that the butterfly represents August Mo.
    Your artist inspired pictures are such a joy to see and you are so good at them my friend xx

  9. Fabulous calendar page, it almost glows! Love your art too, great fun!

  10. Wow, those pink butterflies really pop out!! Beautiful. Thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Calendar Challenge.
    Jane x

  11. The black background makes the butterflies glow. Great page.

  12. The pink butterflies really pop against the background.

  13. Love your calendar page and the cute pink butterflies! Great sentiment too! xx


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